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More than 300 exhibitors from Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, Caribbean, the cruise industry, Latin America and the U.S. I had a great time at the Travel Show and recommend that you go next year.  The show is also held on Saturday and Sunday for the general public and has cooking demonstrations, stars from the Travel Channel, seminars and book signings.  Fun! Currently the Distance Learning Manager for Lincoln Public Schools, I was previously an Applications Specialist for Computing Services in the district for over 24 years, teaching workshops and helping educators learn to use computers productively and creatively.

The garden has three valleys in it which are full of fun, natural beauty and amazing plants.
If you’d rather watch from above, climb the stairs to a 12-foot high lookout platform built around a stunning 60-foot tall sycamore tree.
Leave the bus through the rear door.  I think I could have handled this without the instructions, but the the brochure was so cute and colorful, it mesmerized me into reading it.

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