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While visiting my brother in Ventura, I made it a point to drive to the Garden Market, as often as I could. Its like you are eating in someone's house or in their back patio garden so really nice atmosphere. I love the food especially the chicken salad sandwich, but I must say, I had one of today's specials, the salmon salad. Fabulous combination of proteins, veggies, and fruits, they create "outside the box" meals that are tantalizing to the taste buds! Also, we thought it would be a nice place to buy a gift certificate as a present (like to keep it local).

The staff are wonderful and they have a darling Hispanic male who works there who is always willing to provide one with exceptional service and a charming smile. We both had turkey sandwiches which were good, but nothing special and they were served with a handful of tortilla chips on the side which I just thought was weird.
The books, cards and gifts are a great one stop location to provide one with the chance to purchased needed items for gifts, and also dinner party accessories, wine and unique jewelry to make other envious! Everyone there is soo friendly and I have never seen or heard any of the employees being rude to a customer. The sandwich would have been much better had it been toasted and if I had known it wasn't I would have requested it.

People are fairly nice there, I think a place more for higher end locals than for tourists.

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