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Od administracji: w zwiazku z pojawiajacymi sie kradziezami opisow z naszej strony, informujemy, ze w komentarzu podalismy sposob korzystania z naszych zasobow. Yes, sign me up for the weekly Legacy Games Newsletter, so I can learn about new games, special deals, and get Fever Frenzy for FREE. Mansion Makeover™ jak i poprzednia czesc zostala wyprodukowana przez studio Playrix Entertainment i stanowi polaczenie ukrytych obiektow i "zarzadzanie czasem". Po lewej stronie kazdego etapu pokazuja sie sylwetki klientow oraz nazwy przedmiotow, ktore z checia zakupia.
Having restored the garden to its beauty and grandeur, it’s high time to have some guests over to show off! With a huge mansion and a lovely garden, filled with abundant trees and colorful flowers, visitors would never come in short supply. Ty jak i Twoj lokaj Austin po stworzeniu pieknego ogrodu teraz musicie koniecznie odnowic dom. In the hidden-object, PC game, Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover, players assume the role of the owner of a lovely mansion heading a complete makeover of the whole place with the help of the abled butler, Austin.
Wsrod przedmiotow znajduja sie rowniez pieniadze (zolte monety) oraz bonusowe przedmioty, ktore ulatwia wyszukiwanie. The only problem is that the hall is in quite a dilapidated state: the wallpaper is curling and peeled, the fireplace cold and broken, and heaps of old newspapers lie scattered about.
In the beginning of the game, players are shown the beautiful manora€”along with the lush garden in all its splendor.

Lecz nie ma co zalamywac rak, bo okazuje sie, ze bedzie latwo zdobyc fundusze na niezbedny remont. It’s time to roll up the old sleeves once more, and with the heroic assistance of Austin the butler, turn the hall into a masterpiece!
One day, the owner suddenly receives tons of letters from several friends expressing desire to host a party in the mansion. It’s time to roll up the old sleeves once more, and with the heroic assistance of Austin the butler, turn the hall into a masterpiece in Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover!
Otoz w wielu pomieszczeniach domu znajduja sie przedmioty, ktore mozna sprzedac za niezle pieniadze. The owner obliges but then discovers that the interiors of the house shows desperate need for an overall repair.
It seems that the butler and the owner has spent too much time focusing only in developing the garden and has completely forgot to maintain the main house. With only a few days left before the visitors arrive, the player, together with the very reliable Austin, decide to embark on a rummage sale of several items in the house that havena€™t been used in a long time. The goal is pretty simple; with the money garnered from the sale of items, the player will have to give the house the much-needed makeover by purchasing newer items. The items that they can update are sofas, the fireplace, the flooring, the dog mat, the library, the carpet, the TV, and even the bird cage.Once the players are ready, clicking on the a€?Starta€? button at the lower right corner of the screen will immediately bring them to other rooms in the house wherein selling items will take place. The rooms that are available for interaction are the lounge, the drawing room, the boiler room, the nursery, the kitchen, the sitting room, the bathroom, the hallway, etc.

The game displays which room is available to engage with so the player will just have to click on which room is available. As soon as the player a€?entersa€? the selected room, the hidden-object gameplay launches right away.
But since it is based on the idea of a garage sale, the list of items that the player must look for come in the form of a list which displays the item a customer wishes to buy along with the corresponding price.
To aid the players in their search, the game offers a few boosters like the camera hint and the thermometer hint. The Camera Hint quickly shows the player where the items that need to be found are a quick flash of the camera. While the Thermometer Hint assists players in showing the location of an object by turning red when it is near a desired object. Aside from looking for items, players may also engage in small quests within the gamea€™s story like when the player must help the family dog out of the pool. Gardenscape: Mansion Makeover proves to be a cut above the common hidden object game as it provides player a whole new different experience with its gameplay and amusing story.

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