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Paramus, New Jersey is one of the nation’s biggest retail towns, boasting over six million square feet of retail space racking up some of the largest sales of any town in America.
Either way, Paramus Park is really an unexpectedly cool mall, due to its sloping glass ceilings (which best nearly every other skylight-based ceiling configuration that I’ve seen) and great court areas, especially in front of the anchor stores.
Unfortunately, while I live in New Jersey, Paramus is located too far from my house for me to visit regularly. I notice a Record Town in Prangeway’s photos, which the gallery as a whole, are a splendid contrast of the mall then and now. I swear, it’s almost like macy*s is embarrassed to have their name show on any signs, exterior or interior. I cannot really remember what exterior signage there was for A&S, but I am pretty sure there was one. I visited this mall for the first time back in 2002 never been to the paramus area before pretty nice mall I miss A&S. I have a new page its not complete but its about the A&S store’s a tribute page of sorts its called the abraham and straus its terrific page!!!!!!!!!! Mall still close to my heart and is managable to shop at as compared to Garden State Plaza. Oh and by the way, I think the exterior before and after photos are in two different places. Farrell’s was in Brunswick Square also and that place seemed like it would totally fit in on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. I do miss some of the old features of Paramus Park, especially the big waterfall, but the mall’s renovations overall were positive and it still holds its own against Garden State Plaza. Not only does the insanity that is going to Garden Stae Plaza help this mall but it’s location as well. A nice little place, the crowrds aren’t bad and I second the Chick-Fi-A being an original feature for this mall. A couple of months ago, the Bergen Record alluded to an expanison of Paramus Park…anyone hear anything?
Please forgive me for my rudeness, but I’d really like to see the Garden State Plaza profiled on this site, because it will complete the Paramus story. Mallguy has previously pointed out that the only Macy’s locations in northern NJ that have furniture departments are the ones at Paramus Park Mall and Rockaway Townsquare.
On a personal note i agreed with the book, but i still question the conclusions he draws, although he may be closer to the truth than we know.
Many Rouse malls used pre-fab construction, making the fonyness of the artificial surroundings even more glaring than it otherwise would have been. I remember the setup of center court before the renovation and while I do miss the waterfall, that staircase and elevator needed to go.
I visited this mall for the first time yesterday, and I must say that I was pretty underwhelmed. On the discussion forums for Nanuet Mall, somebody pointed out that Paramus Park Mall has always been far more preferred than the Nanuet Mall when it came for locals to decide which non-mammouth shopping mall was best to visit. 1) The mall is more manageable in size compared to Garden State Plaza and is closer to the Northern Bergen County communities, as well as the fact that it is more easily accessible by side streets than is Garden State Plaza. It was Hahne & Company, not Tiffany, that was supposed to be at Paramus Park before Sears came in. 2.) The Mall might undergo an expasnion in the next few years, which would add some restaurants(it currently has 2), a movie theater(probably Regal, since there are several AMC theatres in the area), and possibly a major renovation to the mall. More importantly, Bergan County did not have sales tax on clothing and shoes, which made everything at PP about 8% cheaper.
Yeah, it seems that malls around the country have been eliminating those services, consolidating them with mall management. I’ve been to this mall a few times, and always have found it very slick-looking, with all the indoor plants and glass ceilings and dark colors, as well as the waterfalls. I find it interesting that this mall seems to cater more towards the northern Bergen County population as opposed to the southern Bergen County population. Bergen County is bizarre in North Jersey in lacking any older cities of the same size as Elizabeth, Paterson, Newark, or Jersey City.
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PARAMUS — Hours after a volley of shots were fired in Garden State Plaza, trapping customers and store workers for hours as police searched for the gunman, the suspect was found dead inside a construction zone within the mall, authorities said this morning. There was no indication when he died, but officials said it appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the head from a rifle.
Molinelli identified the suspect as Richard Shoop, 20, of Teaneck, who he called a known drug abuser who may have had a criminal record and was unemployed. According to Molinelli, Shoop had gone to the mall with the intention of dying, either through suicide or being shot by police. According to the prosecutor, it was family members who first alerted law enforcement late last evening of their suspicions that Shoop might be involved, after hearing initial news reports of the incident.
This morning Molinelli told News 12 New Jersey that there was "an issue of domestic violence" involving Shoop in recent months. The mall, a two-story complex that houses more than 300 stores and retailers, is situated near the intersection Routes 4 and 17 in Bergen County, about 15 miles west of Manhattan. Throughout the night, dozens of people who were trapped in the mall since the start of the shooting could be seen being escorted out in small groups, as police went store-by-store, looking for the suspect and anyone hiding.
Among those trapped was Maria Rocha, 39, who had been shopping for a new dress when she heard the gunfire shortly after 9 pm.
She ran into a mall restaurant and hid in the stockroom in the back with other employees, keeping her head down until police came in after midnight. From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need!
The area around routes 4 and 17 has been home (at one point or another) to no less than six enclosed shopping malls, including the legendary (and previously-blogged-about) Bergen Mall. Strangely, this large, twisty, mostly one-level mall with two anchors (Sears and Macy’s) seems largely redundant given the large malls nearby, in particular the Garden State Shopping Center, since it has an almost total tenant overlap with that mall.
Decidedly, the mall has improved but kept a lot of the charm it originally had using a simple and effective revitalization plan.
I must say that I am very surprised that the Macy’s at Garden State Plaza does not sell furniture, given that this store is absolutely huge (at 435,000 sq. I would like to know where you got your knowledge about malls, because you keep amazing me time & time again. This is somewhat perplexing to me, as Nanuet (prior to it becoming a dead mall) seemed superior to Paramus Park: Nanuet had one more department store than Paramus Park, had a prettier interior, was open on Sundays, and was considerably bigger as well (which meant a lot more little stores to choose from).
Also, when they took the glass elevator out in 2001, they replaced it with 2 new elevators by the new Main Entrance(west). It was my favorite area to go to when I was little because that’s where the video game store was.
However those empty spaces were smaller retail locations, making the square footage factor less of an issue. The darker color scheme and small size also rid it of those shabby areas that haunt larger malls. As most North Jersey people know, Bergen County is perceived as having fairly clear cut socioeconomic lines along geography. I used signs to remember the locations we passed during this wonderful coast to coast tour. He said they did not believe Shoop had any intention to hurt anyone else, noting that several witnesses said he had the opportunity to kill them, but that he never raised his rifle against them.
He identified the weapon as a .22-caliber assault-style rifle, legally owned by Shoop's brother, and that Shoop had taken it without permission.
Molinelli also told the cable station that Shoop was known to several law enforcement agencies in the area. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. While in most markets, Paramus Park would probably be long dead, Paramus isn’t like most markets.
A 2001 renovation sapped Paramus Park of a little bit of its character, but the basic idea is preserved. I find that malls with more natural light give it a good atmosphere and twilight of just enough outdoor and indoor (too much outdoor feels disintegrated, strip mallish and too indoor feels too old-style and bunkered). With that much sun, I’d think summer would be baking everyone like little Tollhouse cookies.
If gas prices keep rising noone is going to have money to spend at the mall, let alone buy enough food to live.

Tiffany and Co was going to take the space now occupied by Sears (which was going to close it’s Hackensack location).
Aside from the facts that Paramus Park was much closer to GSP and that NY has higher sales taxes than NJ, I honestly don’t know why anyone would prefer Paramus Park.
Also, from the mid-1980’s to 2001, the mall featured a sit-down wait staff McDonalds, which I remember very well. Those towns south of Paramus, and in particular Route 4, are mostly middle and working class. I maybe comparing apples to oranges here, I noticed as soon as Burlington coat factory opened places like Legal Sea Foods & other stores at that price point closed. The body was found in a non-retail area not typically accessed by the public, where construction materials were being stored, Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli said. He apparently shot himself inside the mall early Tuesday morning, according to authorities. Perhaps the size of the the GS Shopping Center makes it a pain for residents to deal with for every mall trip, so they have Paramus Park as an alternative.
What’s cool is that we have two photo sets for this mall, one taken by Prangeway in 2001 and another by me in 2006, and the older set was taken while the renovations were still underway.
The concept of the food court was to serve the needs of the imagined hundreds of office workers.
Honestly, the only real plus this mall has going for it is that it has a Sears (which GSP does not have).
Those north of it are mostly upper middle class and wealthy, including extremely affluent places like Alpine, Woodcliff Lake, and Upper Saddle River. Also As a result the demographics in the mall changed from upper middle income people who drove from Westchester & points east of the Tappan Zee Bridge to a more local middle class population. You’ll also notice that the exterior of the mall was made over sometime after the interior, and the 2001 set has some intact shots of that rather ugly old exterior. The giant fieldstone waterfalls and gardens, with the elevator that rose through the center was truly the showpiece. I don’t want to go to a crowded theater in Garden State Plaza on a Saturday or a Friday! And to this website itself and the people that run it… Somehow if you can more pictures of the way Paramus Park USED TO LOOK that would be great. When nighttime fell, the mall’s atmosphere became very cool and classy, and the illumnated fountains etc were really beautiful. Paramus makes more than the national average so I thought, it would be one of their more profitable locations. Part of this seems to be that the western part of the county (Hackensack and west) hasn’t received as much immigration as the eastern half, where wealth is clustered along the Hudson River. For example, there’s a very pronounced difference between the middle and working class areas of Elmwood Park and Fairlawn along Route 4 and south, and the ritzier areas of Glen Rock and Ridgewood to the north. The mall was really gorgeous and had a cohesive decor and overall feel that has sadly been greatly diminshed in the past few years, especially with the demolition of the distinctive waterfalls, and replacement with a nondescript pool of water.
It is also helped by its location as giving the Northern Bergen County suburbs easier access and a less congested place to shop. Rouse had no visions of grandeur building Paramus Park – they figured they could write-off the anticipated high vacancy in the retail portion of the mall as a loss.
In the eastern half, middle-income areas (Bergenfield, Dumont, New Milford, River Edge) run north of Route 4, north of very wealthy areas like Englewood Cliffs and upper middle class places like Tenafly. There was also a giant turkey sculpture donated to the mall for its opening, representing New Jersey heritage that was moved from its prominent location to a dismal spot on the second level. This was a French Creperie, with a giant revolving range of pans with crepes being cooked in them while in motion. As this relates to Paramus Park Mall, I think that both Paramus Park Mall and Riverside Square cater more to the northern crowd…which is why I always found it bizarre that Riverside Square is located in Hackensack.

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