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News Gardening Leave and Rugby for HeroesDuring the spring of 2014 Gardening Leave Chelsea underwent a much needed re-fit. Our Open Day was held on April 30th with the launch of our anti-stigma Honesty Campaign, which was attended by Rugby for Heroes and our other supporters.
Veterans have been able to sow seeds, raise plants and nurtured them during Horticultural Therapy sessions to produce a bountiful harvest which have exceeded all previous records. More veterans have been able to access the growing areas, tend crops more often and keep the weeds down allowing maintenance of the garden to be a continual and gentler process. Four veterans in total benefited from your funding, undertaking 12 week session courses that provided horticultural activities that encourage Gardening Leave veterans to begin to make positive changes to their mental health challenges.
Our new raised beds were instrumental in allowing the veterans to reach the soil without bending. Crops have been so bountiful we have been able to share produce with the Kitchens catering for the Chelsea Pensioners and a sign has gone up to communicate where the home grown produce was from, creating a great sense of pride for our veterans.
Produce has been harvested to eat at lunch time, encouraging veterans to eat more of their 5 A Day and taste produce they would not normally eat.
Harvesting watering and re seeding activities to keep up with the crops has created the need for planning for the future, (crop rotation and planting designs), decision making (what plant to put where), team working (may hands make light work) and timed activities (having produce ready for events, sales etc.) have connected the veterans with meaningful horticultural tasks.
A quarter of our work focuses on the Wildlife Gardening strand.The monitoring of wildlife in the gardens is a fundamental part of horticultural therapy for veterans. Chelsea’s new pond was planted up, a labour intensive activity that has produced visible change over a short period of time. We have started to sell veteran grown produce once a month on a stall outside the Chelsea Hospital Cafe raising ?30-60 each time. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to plant up a beautiful summer basket. Plant up your hanging basket at the beginning of the month and you will have a stunning display in just a few weeks. If you have noticed suckers growing around the base of standard roses remove them with a sharp pair of secateurs. Pinch out the growing tips of dahlias you planted early in the spring to encourage the plant to bush out. Flower Garden During June Flower Garden During June – June in the garden and the season is in full swing. Shop Our Site ? Christmas Ornaments Blog ? Gear Up for Gardening during National Garden Month! If you love gardening, then you probably know that April is recognized as National Garden Month!   April showers bring May flowers so don’t let the rain get you down, get your gardening supplies out and start planting!  With the weather getting warmer, now is the perfect time to consider how you can make your own personal garden or your community a greener more beautiful space. Gear up and go shopping for your gardening materials.  Creating a garden space or maintaining one that already exists can be a challenge if you do not have the right supplies.  Treat yourself to some new pruning shears, kneeling pad or gardening gloves!

National Garden Month is a good time to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us outside.  I hope we have inspired you to get out and enjoy some gardening with your families! Browse our variety of over 3,000 Christmas ornaments, including hard-to-find, unique and hand crafted ornaments. It’s a common assumption that fleas only come out during the warm spring and summer months.
One belief regarding why fleas and ticks are emerging earlier in the year is climate change. Rather than waiting around for fleas to hatch from their dormant egg state, you should take preemptive measures to exterminate and prevent them. Raised beds were built, a new shed installed, large enough to house veterans at tea and lunch breaks and provided shelter on hot and wet weather days. This area focuses on the planting growing, harvesting, and preparation of fruit, herbs and vegetables to eat and share. Through the pond veterans can experience natural lifecycles in this small but wild space helping them connect with metaphors that relate to their own lives, such as nurturing plants to help them flourish, a metaphor for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
This is where all the activities we do around donating, and selling, are pulled together in a “making” strand.
By now the risk of frost has passed so you can plant it up right now and hang it straight out. Divide the volunteers up, some can rake and mow the grass and others can prune the shrubs and plant some flowers.  It will look beautiful and will be a nice improvement to your community.
They provide wonderful memories which you and your family will cherish and share for years to come.
You'll notice that we also stock a wide array of ornaments for any home decorating function. Conventional wisdom would leave one to believe this is true since fleas activity peaks around this time of year. When a female lays a batch of eggs, the eggs typically remain in a dormant state until the conditions are just right to hatch.
Your can read through some of our previous articles for more tips and tricks on how to control fleas, but the main thing to remember is that you want to focus on areas of high activity, such as carpet, dog beds, cat furniture, etc. Smooth pathways laid allowing access for wheel chair users and allowing mobility through the garden a lot easier. Creating opportunity to improve veterans ‘5 A Day’ intake, share recipes and learn new skills that can be carried through to an individual’s activities at home, skills that last a lifetime.
In the move to civilian life the issues of identity and continuity are often very challenging.
From providing the MTI Cafe in Chelsea to selling plants, from making bird boxes and restoring tools to supplying hospital kitchens and donating to soup kitchens.

From transplanting seedlings you have raised in the greenhouse to cutting back early flowering plants to make way for colorful annuals.
Make a visit to your local garden center where you will find a huge variety of colorful varieties of annual plants well suited to a hanging basket. In the herbaceous border make sure all tall growing perennials such as foxgloves and delphiniums are tied to plant supports to prevent them from flopping over. Towards the end of the month is the time to start propagating some of your favorite flowers. Often Christmas decorations are passed down from one family member to another and they become part of a family tradition. Recently, however, there’s been a growing number of reports of flea activity throughout the entire year, making infestations in the home even more difficult to treat. They need to feed, so when something warm—a dog, cat or human—walks by they hop on,” said Dr. A wildlife pond has been built and a decked area with seating and umbrella for much needed shade.
We now have a PRER volunteer who is a brilliant cook and the veterans have responded very well to the new lunchtime recipes. Monitoring and feeding back useful information for analysis allows veterans to carry these skills through to civilian life and engages them in quality activities. So before you put on your boots for a day in the garden, read this short reminder of some of the vital jobs to be doing in the flower garden during June.
Scientists believe that most common flea species prefer a temperature of 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit to hatch. Jennifer Carroll, Wisconsin-based veterinarian, in a recent interview with the Gazette Extra. As the climate warms, ticks, fleas and other insects will thrive during otherwise unusual times of the year. Do the same with early flowering herbaceous plants such as lupins and flag iris after flowering to 4 or 5cm from the ground. Propagate flowering climbers such as wisteria, honeysuckle and clematis using the layering method. If it’s cooler than this temperature, fleas will remain in their dormant egg state until it warms, which is why flea activity tends to peak during the spring and summer months.

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