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Our Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens in Tucson, ArizonaIt is our vision that your yard truly becomes an extension of your living space.
Contact us at 520-579-9411 for your complimentary landscape design and installation consultation.
Simply complete the form below, and one of our representatives will contact you right away. I am close to completing a rather arduous landscaping project which has included trees, plants and a new walk and driveway with pavers.
I am a swimming pool contractor that has used Sonoran Gardens several times to develop some beautiful projects. Paul and I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on our property over the past month. Find the perfect gift for any kitchen gardener--or find products to help get the best from your own small kitchen garden. The moment I was out the door of the airport terminal it was clear Arizona flora differs from that of Pennsylvania.
As a member of the Garden Writers Association, I was fortunate to have attended this year’s annual symposium in Tucson, Arizona. A day at the symposium includes the option to attend as many as three seminars from a selection of nine, and to tour area gardens. A great perk of attending is that garden industry businesses set up booths on a show floor where attendees can see new garden products and talk with people who are experts about them. The front desk clerk at the hotel sent me outside to find my room; something I thought only happened at budget hotels. I might have exaggerated to call the path in the previous photo the hotel’s “hallway.” I had to cross a bridge over ornamental plantings to reach this balcony that provided access to my room. Cacti grew all over the hotel grounds; it was hard to choose one photograph to represent them.
From a balcony overlooking the swimming area, I looked across at building D – the one that held my room for the weekend.
Thankfully, cacti in the swimming areas attracted light fixtures so it was unlikely people would skewer toes on cactus spines. The first stop of the one tour I was able to enjoy was at Native Seeds SEARCH, a seed bank in Tucson. The tour I enjoyed ended at the Benedictine Sisters Monastery, a classic building with a generous garden. From Tucson to Newark, NJ by plane involved a lengthy stopover in Los Angeles and a flight path over Chicago. KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same.
Those of us who have been gardening in the Southwest for more than a few seasons have probably come to learn that the advice found in most gardening books and magazines just doesn’t work in our climate. In other parts of the country, where rain and space is plentiful, row planting makes sense. Fortunately, there is an alternative to row planting that will not only save you time, but will also allow for increased yields while reducing the need for weeding and the amount of water required to keep your garden healthy.

Unlike row planting, square foot gardening involves creating small but densely planted gardens with the goal of maximizing yields from smaller spaces. Any garden space can be converted into a square foot garden by following a few simple steps. The ratio at which these ingredients are mixed can be adjusted to fit your garden and your budget.
Although the soil mix is very important, what ultimately defines a square foot garden is the layout.
Square foot gardening can also be combined with organic gardening techniques such as succession planting, intercropping, cover cropping, and companion planting.  Crops with similar square foot growing requirements can be combined for more effectiveness.
There are many square foot garden planting guides available online for free or you can learn more by picking up a copy of Square Foot Gardening at your local book store or library. TUCSON ARTS AND CULTURE - Zocalo is a hyper-local monthly magazine reflecting the heart and soul of Tucson through its arts, culture, entertainment, food, and events.
Join our email listTo receive updates on events and happenings in Tucson, enter your email address below. Artist AdvertisingZocalo offers special discounted pricing to artists who wish to advertise in the print edition of the magazine. Sonoran Gardens’ Tucson custom outdoor kitchens can cater to any of your desires from built-in grills, refrigerators, side burners, sinks, and bars…bring your home outside! Naturally, there were various crews involved, all punctual, gracious and alerting me of any changes. You certainly can count on us anytime to reference the friendly professionalism of your firm. In working with them I have always found them to go well above the standard to provide a great project and a happy client. Dress up salads, stir-fry, sandwiches, spreads, and other dishes with homegrown sprouts of all kinds. There might also be social events such as dancing or karaoke, and there’s unscheduled time when attendees can get together for meals, drinks, and conversation.
Better still: many of those “vendors” pack free samples, and attendees can take home the latest plants, tools, pest repellents, soils, and fertilizers. Then again, the hallway to my room at a luxury hotel had never before looked like this one. At night, there were fire rings, poolside service, Jacuzzi activity, and even a swimmer or two.
I loved seeing food crops planted among a boulder field, and other plantings on desert land with a simple drip irrigation system. My favorite components of the garden were a vegetable patch mulched with carpeting and an orange grove in the shadow of towering palms.
Finches were flitting among the orange fruits which I can only guess might have been dates. Unfortunately, I focused so much on the flora and environs that I shot very few people photos. Our garden program and now tortoise enclosure has been an anchor for many of these students.

One of the first lessons learned comes from following generic planting recommendations printed on seed packets. Here in Tucson however, planting this way can lead to thirsty plants.  But even after converting to basin-style gardening, which is more appropriate for our area, many gardeners still continue to plant in row fashion by scattering large amounts of seeds along shallow trenches. I’m speaking of the square foot gardening method; a system that was developed by civil engineer Mel Bartholomew in the 1980s. The technique borrows heavily from earlier sustainable agriculture methods such as French intensive planting and biointensive agriculture, but it is designed for the relatively small backyard vegetable garden.
First, in order for vegetables to be planted densely using the square foot method, your soil must be heavily amended or even replaced with a nutrient-dense growing medium. In the bestselling book Square Foot Gardening, Mel Bartholomew recommends an even mix of 33% of each ingredient; however these are only recommendations and need not be followed to a T.
For example, in one square foot you could either plant nine turnips, 16 carrots or one eggplant. Look for us at over 350 locations city-wide, read our digital magazine, or have Zocalo delivered to your home or office.
In a day when customer service seems non-existent, Sonoran Gardens gives customer service their highest priority.
The students are happy and excited about how our school is now not to them a "ghetto" school.
The planting dates for our area are usually wrong and the recommendations often call for planting in long, mounded rows.
You can do this easily by using garden twine and tent stakes, or if you’re feeling industrious you can make a more permanent grid using lumber. Each of these programs offers a free 30 day trial and both allow users to create their own unique garden plans using the square foot gardening method.
The communication and follow through from everyone at Sonoran Gardens during and after the project was completed has been nothing short of spectacular. To see people who do not know them willing to provide them with opportunities they would not normally have is a boost of esteem and confidence for my students which the majority do not get from their home lives.Students in our area face daily threats of gang violence and drugs. This mixture of ingredients provides the perfect balance of nutrients, water holding capacity and soil aeration that densely planted gardens thrive in.
Although it is not necessary to plant the recommended maximum number of plants, you should never exceed the recommendation. Our school is a charter high school successfully providing our students with activities to help them transition to college, vocational training, jobs, and many into the military. When planting from seed, great care should be taken to not over plant; two or three seeds per hole are usually sufficient. The horticulture program focuses on leadership, team building, and work related skills for building a successful portfolio and resume to use during and after high school.

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