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Eustoma grandiflorum - Texas Blue Bell - Compact, basal branching plants have excellent garden vigor and heat tolerance. Mexican marigolds have many small single flowers on plants with lacy, very fragrant, citrus-like foliage.
White, lavender and purple "daisies" rise above plants on long flower stems through the summer and fall. Large, showy, lemon yellow blooms cover this compact, well-branched sunflower with a strong central stem. Cream semi-double to double flushed and edged in pink with large bright burgundy flares that are often hidden by the central petals Seedling # IC-95-26.
For taller sedum varieties, you can break off one of the stems and push it into the ground where you would like to grow it. This whimsical delight was filled to the brim with thoughtful touches that were beautifully designed by Lavender Joy Weddings. Growing sedum is easy, so easy, in fact, that even the most novice gardener can excel at it. They will thrive in conditions that many other plants thrive in, but will do just as well in less hospitable areas. Overwatering and overfertilizing can hurt the plants far worse than not watering or fertilizing.
For shorter varieties, simply laying the sedum on the ground where you want it to grow is normally enough to get the sedum plant started there. Both these lovely vendors are part of our Hand-Picked collection and you can clearly see why from Ryan and Katie's wedding.
I started thinking about it – I realized that Ryan and I are pretty laid back and I wanted everything to reflect that.
First year bloomed 2000, double intersectional hybrids, semi ball with stamens, pollen, no seeds.
No seedling number since it was included in a batch of Itoh seed from Roy Pehrson about twelve years ago. With a large number of sedum varieties to choose from, you will find one that works for your garden. They are ideal for that part of your yard that gets too much sun or too little water to grow anything else. The large majority of sedum varieties are shorter and sedums are frequently used as ground covers in xeriscape gardens or rock gardens.

When asked by vendors what the vibe was, I jokingly started calling the wedding “whimsical garden wedding.” But, when all was said and done I think that is exactly what we got.
All the vendors we worked with really took my simple vision, and made it absolutely incredible. Flower form predominantly semi-double with 24 to 40+ petals, but varies from single (with about 16 petals) to almost fully double. Single to semi-double flowers are deep lavender pink highlighted with darker pink streaks and veining and large dark plum colored basal flares. The plant is vigorous and of dark green foliage that stays green until killing frost in the Fall. If you would like to further ensure that the plant will start there, you can add a very thin covering of soil over the plant. You will for sure be inspired by Ryan and Katie's laid back gray and yellow garden wedding.
So, when we started planning my main thought for “the big day” was that I wanted it to be simple and fun. I came with small ideas, and they took them and created something that was more exciting and beautiful than I could have thought! Single flower with cupped and ruffled petals which give the impression of a near semi-double.
This Itoh is a large full double yellow ball with red flares, 6-8 blooms with strong 32 stems holding the flowers on top of the plant.
An attractive center contains a very sparse ring of stamens and generally 5 light green carpels with dark pink stigmas surrounded by a pink sheath. Many petals have one to several deep lavender pink streaks that add charm and give each flower a unique character of its own. Its flower is dark purple, almost black, of medium size, and has a bright yellow center of stamens. Lavender pink blooms when first open; as the flower gets older, it fades to a lighter pink.
I just wanted to celebrate with everyone, and enjoy the company of our favorite people in the whole world.
Coca Cola is a small obsession of mine, so I knew I wanted a table with glass bottles and some cute coca-cola memorabilia.
Newly opened flowers are delicately flushed with light pink which deepens slightly towards the center of the flower, but mature flowers are clear, bright, medium yellow.

Overall color effect is a rose pink flower, which is highlighted by a kaleidoscope of colors; streaks of sangria, pastel pink, and cream which burst across the iridescent deep rose petals. Itoh Hybrid, generally semi-single, tree peony type flowers, petals yellow, lighter coloredBorder Charm is available in commerce.
The attractive center contains a sparse, loose ring of stamens and generally 4 green carpels with dark red stigmas surrounded by a cream colored sheath. This Itoh is flat in form, reliable with average amount of bloom on good strong stems, dark green foliage and blooms at mid-season. Yellow petals with red highlights, 20-50 petals, prominent center of sheathed carpels and large size flowers. Stefanie took what I had collected and styled it into one of my favorite touches from that day. Parentage: Lactiflora Seedling #52 x 'Golden Era'Ballarena de Saval is available in commerce.
The 24 stems hold the 4-5 flowers on the top of the plant which has dark green foliage, blooming at mid-season.
Very hardy, flowers produced regularly and uniformly year after year from below ground overwintering buds. Selected by Allan Rogers as a seedling from the seedling bed of Roger Anderson.Al's Choice is available in commerce. This combined with the dense ring of yellow stamens being nearly the same color as the petals to the point of seeming virtually invisible, results in the red stigmata becoming a very prominent feature. Five inch blooms, one per stem, contrast against healthy medium green foliage on a 28 inch plant.
Stems to 27, upright to arching, presents the flowers well out of the foliage, makes a broad low bush.
Small bloom, color yellow-gold with dark red flares surrounding a group of yellow stamens with red tipped stigmas. Primary blooms are showy, but the main show comes when the secondary buds open as there are many. One to three flowers per stem, sidebuds on long stems suitable for cutting, little benefit in disbudding.

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