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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, MentawaA?, Indonesia.
Wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy Limited announced that the construction earthworks for the Onshore Power and Desalination Plants has commenced on Garden Island, Western Australia. The earthworks for the Perth Wave Energy Project commenced this week providing visible confirmation of the significant level of planning and permissions that have been established for the project. The earthworks on Garden Island forms the first in a series of construction activities with the construction of the Onshore Plant building and the commencement of offshore works to follow. Posted on September 25, 2013 with tags Australia, commenced, Earthworks, Garden, Island, News by topic, Perth, project. Australian wave energy developer, Carnegie, released its results for quarter ended on 30th June 2014. Pipeline installation works have now commenced at Carnegie’s Perth Wave Energy Project. Carnegie Wave Energy Limited (CWE) has announced the commencement of offshore foundation installation activities.
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The Prime Minister's plans to move Australia's naval facilities north will free up valuable Sydney land but will cost billions of dollars. The historic naval base at Garden Island is being considered for closure by the government in a move that is likely to anger top brass inside the Department of Defence.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will announce on Tuesday that, if re-elected, he wants to start planning to relocate the historic defence facilities chiefly to Brisbane.One option to be unveiled in a speech to the Lowy Institute will be the complete closure of the navy facilities at Potts Point, opening the land to commercial development and dramatically increasing berthing access for cruise liners. Mr Rudd will pitch the proposal as a sensible strategic plan to move defence facilities closer to any further threat from Australia's northern approaches.It is understood he favours scaling back Garden Island and possibly closing it over time, even though this is likely to bring him into conflict with military chiefs. The Australia Defence Association says Kevin Rudd's proposal to move the Garden Island defence base North is impractical, unfeasible, and will go "nowhere".
As mentioned in Carnegie’s most recent quarterly activities report, the design of the next generation CETO 6 unit is underway. Progress has been made on identifying and assessing potential CETO 6 project sites, both in Australia and internationally, with four sites now shortlisted – two in Australia and two international. An initial CETO 6 project would demonstrate the functionality of the new CETO 6 design in an array, similar to the CETO 5 project.

As the location for Carnegie’s current CETO 5 project, Garden Island in Western Australia offers a known environment for the deployment of a CETO 6 project via an expansion. A CETO 6 project would be located off Garden Island, in deeper water west of the current PWEP site and beyond Five Fathom Bank.
Carnegie has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Rottnest Island Authority to carry out a feasibility study to assess the potential of CETO for power and water generation on the Island. Rottnest Island is located 18km off the coast of Fremantle, Western Australia, and is a popular local holiday destination well known for its pristine environment. The feasibility study would look at the technical, environmental and social factors associated with locating the CETO 6 project on Rottnest Island. Carnegie has recently been informed by its CETO licensee and joint venture partner, EDF EN, that the most recent installation of the CETO prototype on Reunion Island has proved unsuccessful.
EDF and DCNS will now decide whether to continue with deployment of the CETO 4 unit or focus efforts on a commercial CETO deployment. Carnegie has identified two potential CETO 6 project sites in the United Kingdom and is currently in discussion with the owners about gaining access for the purposes of a CETO 6 project. Posted on January 28, 2014 with tags Carnegie, CETO, design, europe, generation, News by topic, underway, Unit. The details of command appointments are culled from various sources and are the dates of appointment or joining. She had been taking part in "Operation Grapple" during the Christmas Island Hydrogen Bomb Tests.
Over recent months the management activities set out in the construction and environmental management plans for the Perth Wave Energy Project have been enacted so as to enable construction to commence. The CETO 6 unit will be at least twice the power capacity of the current 240kW CETO 5 unit being used in the Perth Project.
This would then allow a subsequent commercial CETO 6 project of greater scale to be deployed economically at a range of sites currently under development as part of Carnegie’s project pipeline. The Island is managed by the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) which has been investigating the development of sustainable power and water production by using the renewable energy and thereby reducing its dependence on fossil fuels imported to the island. The Island has a high energy wave resource and currently is majority supplied from expensive diesel which has to be transported to the Island via barge from the mainland. French power utility EDF EN and French maritime defence specialist DCNS manufactured a modified CETO unit in 2011 which was delivered to Reunion Island in 2012.

The CETO unit being used on Reunion Island is a modified form of the CETO 3 technology design from 2010, compared with the CETO 5 technology generation currently being constructed by Carnegie for the Perth Wave Energy Project in Australia and the CETO 6 generation currently under development. The Reunion Island site offers a high energy wave resource in a remote location with a high local power tariff that could be ideal for a CETO 6 demonstration array or a subsequent commercial CETO 6 project.
It is premature to disclose the preferred location at this stage, however, either option offers a high energy wave resource and existing grid connected infrastructure. Scarborough A first rate anti-submarine, Type 12, Whitby Class frigate, Laid down 11 September 1953, built by Vickers Armstrong at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and launched on the 4th April 1955 by the Countess of Scarborough.
These dates may be subject to possible errors and if so any corrections would be gratefully received by emailing the webmaster.Many Thanks.
Scarborough led a very busy life, as the Leader (Captain F5) of the 5th Frigate Squadron she circumnavigated the globe visiting many countries and taking part in some important world events. Scarborough was involved in the usual naval training exercises and patrols including Icelandic patrols during the Cod War. Countess of Scarborough, following the engagement with a squadron of ships commanded by John Paul Jones off Flamborough Head in 1779. The first construction activity to be undertaken on Garden Island is the levelling and compaction of the floor of the old quarry site for the Onshore Power and Desalination Plants.
The CETO 6 technology will feature further efficiency improvements, offering a significant step change in the cost of generation from CETO wave energy. Important environmental and social factors will be included in the study including the fact that the Island is an A-Class Nature Reserve, hosts important archaeology and is a popular holiday destination. This work also includes the installation of soakwells and tanks that will form part of the drainage and fluid storage system and will be followed by the erection of the plant building and hardstand area.
However, it said Garden Island remained a ''highly effective home port location for navy vessels''.Garden Island includes the Captain Cook graving dock for ship maintenance and HMAS Kuttabul base, which provides administrative, training and logistics support. Eastbourne (Dartmouth Training Squadron) responsible for providing sea training for young officer cadets, engine room artificers and Royal Marine officers from Britain and also officer cadets from many other countries.

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