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These properties have open eligibility in that they do not restrict occupancy to a particular age population (seniors) or disabled households.
Single persons, roommates, couples and families are welcome at these properties- unless otherwise indicated on the listing. Please call the MAIN CONTACT on each property listing for specific program or property eligibility. Special Eligibility:This property does not offer direct subsidy but has affordable apartments to income qualifying households. Properties in this category are private or publically owned properties that accept applicants with a Housing Authority provided Housing Choice Section 8 voucher or certificate. All properties listed on our site that do not have Project-Based subsidy through another government program will take a Section 8 voucher.
With a voucher or certificate, you will generally only pay 30% of your monthly household income for rent. These properties have entered into a long term contract with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission to keep rents affordable to low income households for at least 21 years.
These properties do not have Project-Based subsidy, so unless there is another subsidy program "layered" into a Tax Credit property, or you have a Housing Authority Section 8 Voucher, your rent will not be subsidized. The rent you will qualify for at these properties are restricted by HUD rent limits and will depend upon your annual income level.
Let's say a property has a Tax Credit income set aside of 30% units at a rent of $350 per month. Tax Credit properties usually have more than one income set aside, so units are generally offered at varying rents between 30%-80% area median income.
These properties offer apartments that are accessible to persons in wheelchairs or have features desirable and useful to persons in wheelchairs or with mobility impairments. Some properties have apartments that are fully accessible and some have apartments that have been adapted to include accessible features.

In accordance with the Fair Housing Act and ADA, all properties that are not specifically exempt will have common areas, pathways and offices that are accessible, or must make arrangements at the property to accommodate persons with mobility impairments. A comprehensive re-usable tenant screening report (portable report) means a tenant screening report, prepared by a consumer reporting agency at the direction of and paid for by the prospective tenant, and made available directly to a prospective landlord at no charge. If the landlord indicates its willingness to accept a comprehensive reusable tenant (portable) screening report, the landlord may access the landlord's own tenant screening report, regarding a prospective tenant, as long as the prospective tenant is not charged for the landlord's own tenant screening report.
These rent amounts are generally the lowest and highest rents currently reported at this property.
The United States Housing and Urban Development Department offers the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program to provide subsidized housing for low-income families and individuals. According to Huynh, applications are prioritized based on several criteria including income, immigration status, and when the application was received. For more information, or for persons with disabilities unable to obtain an application at one of the locations, please call the Garden Grove Housing Authority office at (714) 741-5150. Most properties will require that the head of household be over the age of 18 or an emancipated minor. You must first have applied and received a voucher through your local housing authority program. Vouchers are portable and transferrable because they stay with the household, not the property, once you move out of the property. Maximum rent amounts that the owner can charge are designated by the Federal Government and income limits apply. In exchange for their commitment, owners of Tax Credit properties (LIHTC) are able to reduce their IRS tax assessment as long as qualified families are placed in their apartments and remain income qualified. There are often much longer wait times for the lower rent amounts and may be no wait at all for the higher rent amounts at the property.
That rent is only available if your gross annual income is less than, for example, $15,000 per year.

They will also generally have a minimum monthly income requirement, such as 2x the amount of the rent. Properties listed with us have not been inspected by us and although we do our best to keep information current and accurate, we do not take responsibility for management of the properties or accuracy on the information provided on our listings. Then you can take your voucher to a property that accepts them and receive a subsidized rent.
If an owner wishes to charge more than the maximum rent authorized by the housing authority, the tenant may be asked to pay all or part of the difference. The property may have rent ranges, lowest to highest, but a family in a higher income level may not qualify for the lowest rent level. If all of the 30% units are currently occupied, your household could not immediately move-in to a 30% unit. Applications must be postmarked no sooner than July 1, 2010, and no later than July 31, 2010.
There may also be some other set asides at the property, called occupancy set asides, such as for large families, disabled households or farm labor households.
You may have to either wait for a 30% unit to become available, or, if you can afford a higher rent, you can move-in more quickly. If you need more information regarding the property, please contact the main contact listed on their page directly. Properties with these types of set asides would give preference for rents and units to households that qualify. is a 501c3 Non -Profit corporation developed and supported by AHMA of WA - Affordable Housing Management Association, ARHC of WA - Affordable Rural Housing Council and our many listing properties.

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