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Todd Elgin was getting ready to make the dreaded drive to Los Angeles International Airport with his wife to accompany their youngest of three children off to college when he got the phone call.
The phone call also elevated the spirits of Elgin and his wife, Karen, who last weekend were in the process of becoming empty-nesters by heading off to the University of Oregon to get son Mikah, 18, settled in for college life.
His appointment leaves an opening for two captains.  Elgin was selected as top cop over his equally respected colleague, Capt. The change also means that three Garden Grove sergeants will be promoted to lieutenant.  There also will be four to five sergeant promotions. And a lot of other stuff happening behind the scenes at the Garden Grove PD will keep Elgin busy.
As a young boy growing up in Northern California, his great-grandfather, Charlie Kalstrup, who was the police chief in Maryville, Mo., during the 1950s, inspired him. Elgin lived in Phoenix, Arizona for a couple of years as a child before his parents settled in the Inland Empire just as he was about to enter high school.
While attending Montclair High School, Elgin’s exposure to police explorers sealed his desire to enter law enforcement.  He served as a police explorer for two years while in high school. After graduating from high school, Elgin worked in loss prevention at a Mervyn’s department store in Garden Grove, interacting with Garden Grove Police officers on a daily basis.  It was those officers that encouraged him to apply for the police department as a recruit. During his career at the Garden Grove PD, Elgin has either worked or served as a manager in virtually every area of the department.
Raney has been Elgin’s boss during most of Elgin’s career at the Garden Grove PD, and Elgin counts Chief Raney among his role models. Says Raney of the incoming chief: “Todd has excelled at every assignment he has worked since graduating from the police academy in 1988 as the honor cadet. Outside of work, Elgin is a die-hard Peyton Manning fan, which makes him a Denver Broncos fan, and he’s big on family. Elgin’s oldest child, Kylie, 25, was a standout soccer player at UCLA and was drafted to play professionally with the WPS Atlanta Beat.  She since has retired and now works in Community Services for the City of Irvine. Troy, 23, is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton and eventually wants to be a police officer.
And Mikah, the college freshman, is a biology major and is thinking about a career in medical research.
I work for the government, and I have many friends and acquaintances in the LE community at local, state, Federal levels.

I have lived in garden grove for the last 18 years I have the upmost respect for the law and police officers that serve and protect us in Garden Grove . In this file photo, Officer Charles Danieley rings the bell for each Garden Grove fallen officer as Capt. The names of the five fallen officers were repeated 12 times by speakers during the hour-long ceremony. The effect was a kind of prayer — a prayer for the fallen five, and a prayer for police officers everywhere. Garden Grove Police Officer Taylor Macy leads Cadillac as part of the Riderless Horse tradition during Garden Grove PD’s 28th Annual “Call to Duty” Memorial Service. Garden Grove has the somber distinction of having lost more officers in the line of duty than any other municipal law enforcement agency in Orange County. Reese was killed May 30, 1970 by an impatient motorist who was trying to pass slow-moving cars at the Strawberry Festival Parade. Every year, usually in May, the GGPD honors the five officers with a ceremony at Memorial Plaza, located in front of police headquarters on Acacia Parkway. Families of the fallen officers joined current and retired police officers from several agencies, Garden Grove PD recruits and others at the poignant ceremony.
The ceremony began with the presentation of colors by the Garden Grove PD Honor Guard and Nicholson Pipes and Drums, followed by the Bolsa Grande High School Concert Choir singing the national anthem.
After GGPD Chaplain Cheryl Raine gave an invocation, members of the honor guard took turns ringing a memorial bell in honor of each fallen officer as their names were read out and the stories of how they died were told.
The Bolsa Grande choir then sang “God Bless America,” followed by guest speaker Clarke Paris, a U.S. He called officers “the thread in the blue cloth that separates good from evil” and called policing the most dangerous job, both physically and psychologically.
He urged those in attendance to thank an officer the next time the opportunity presents itself. The Bolsa Grande choir then sang “Oh How Beautiful This Finely Woven Earth,” followed by remarks from Garden Grove Police Chief Todd Elgin, who was sworn in as chief this year. Elgin talked about how the profession of policing is under attack and said he is “frustrated” by the way cops are being portrayed in the mass media.
Garden Grove PD Chaplain James Scheller made the closing benediction, which was followed by a 21-gun salute and the playing of “Taps” and the presentation of a riderless horse (GGPD Officer Taylor Macy and Cadillac).

Before the ceremony, Elgin was asked why the Garden Grove PD chooses to honor Trapp, Reese, Reed, Rainford and Dallies Jr.
Todd has worked in and held command-level assignments in all divisions within the police department.
A desk in his office is covered with pictures and items tracing his children’s academic and sports achievements. Although I know their are many police officers in the garden grove department that are great officers I just have to say that lately when I have had a concern or problem that led me to call for assistance from the police department the dispatcher that has answered the phone is very rude . Ben Stauffer, left, reads their names during the Tolling of the Memorial Bell for the Fallen Officers Honor Guard Presentation, part of the Garden Grove PD's annual "Call to Duty" Memorial Service.
Ben Stauffer told the crowd at the Garden Grove Police Department’s 28th Annual Memorial Service.
Navy veteran, retired police sergeant (Las Vegas Metropolitan PD) and author on police issues. The contract was quickly and unanimously passed at a council meeting last week.The annual salary range for Garden Grove police officers stretches from $68,376 to $91,620, not including overtime, benefits and other pay, according to data provided to the State Controller's Office in 2011. A suspect with a rifle fired once through the door of his residence, fatally striking Trapp.
I get that you lost the fight against urban blight like Santa Ana did, because I constantly see OC deputies cracking down on gangs in the AO. I was calling because my daughter works for a local grocery chain and at that store they have a really bad transient problem in the parking lot. For those giving this place 1 or 2 stars for silly reasons like police officers not stopping to chit chat shame on you! This really makes us hard working families disappointed and embarrass  and uncomfortable to live in Garden Grove, where on every corner you see a crack head or homeless that makes our city look dirty.
Garden Grove police need to run these homeless back to LA or lock them up  because we are just allowing them to feel too comfortable harassing us residence of Garden Grove .

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