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TRU Landscape Services has been landscaping in Garden Grove since it’s earliest days more than 25 years ago!  We now serve all of Orange County. We provide a wide range of services, including concrete, irrigation, and lawn care.  Looking for a Garden Grove Landscaping Company who also does commercial maintenance for properties and businesses?  TRU Landscape serves Garden Grove in all areas of outdoor maintenance from concrete construction and installation to day porter service for apartments and complexes.
Modern landscaping is slowly becoming a more predominant trend in our Orange County area as of recently. Garden Grove LandscapingCommercial Landscaping experts serving Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Mississauga, Dundas, Waterdown and Surrounding Areas. With diverse opportunities available in landscape management, construction, and our snow management services, we’re committed to helping you get growing. With our team-oriented culture we are cultivating a positive atmosphere where growth is encouraged, and where individuals can achieve their potential. May 11, 2016 by Paul Lammers Mulch is probably one of the most important things for a garden.
Mulch is any material used to cover the soil and while most people are more familiar with the standard wood chips, mulch can also be grass clippings or even compost.
You wouldn’t think something as innocuous as mulch could do so many things but mulch is like the factotum of the gardening world.
Adds nutrients back into the soil as it breaks down (depending on the type of mulch you use). The best time to mulch is in late spring once the perennials have grown enough you can see them emerging up through the soil, but are still small enough that they’re easy to work around.

There are different types of organic mulch including pine straw, grass clippings, compost, composted manure, peat moss, hay and wood chips or bark.
Organic mulches are great for releasing nutrients into the soil as they decompose, but not all will look great in a garden. Regardless of the property or the size of the garden, adding a top layer of mulch is an excellent way to clean up the garden space and create a green space that is healthy and relatively low-maintenance.
Ground covers are making themselves at home  around  a flagstone pathway as it makes  its way to the gate at the far end of the garden.
We used ajuga,  lamiastrum,and lamium for the ground covers, along with some hostas that we recycled from from her garden in the back yard. I  designed an entrance that used that brick pavers to lead through a gated picket fence to make a nice lead-in to the back entrance, which was recently added on to the house. Landscape your yard to last by calling TRU Landscape Services.  You can trust that we will use materials of the highest quality and complete installations with a high level of craftsmanship. We believe in working hard, having fun along the way, supporting and respecting each other, and working safely at all times. That’s why we’re making your personal development goals our priority by ensuring you have the tools and training you need to succeed. All our eligible team members are provided with a well-rounded compensation package that includes competitive wages, field wear, training allowances, bonuses, benefits and the opportunity for advancement within the industry. And while mulch isn’t necessary for a garden, the benefits make it worth adding to your gardening plan.

When creating a garden for aesthetics it’s best to use utility mulches such as pine bark since they look neater. Garden Grove provides Commercial Landscape Management Services across the Golden Horseshoe, GTA and Southwestern Ontario. We needed to fit this garden between the house and nearby driveway (out of view to the left of the picture). A trellis placed at the corner will have a clematis growing on it to soften the abruptness of the deck meeting the corner of the house. Remember that since these mulches break down they will need to be replenished periodically throughout the season. In the front left corner you can see part of a bird feeding station that is visible form the kitchen. If so, we want to meet you. Take the first step by filling out our simple application form below and then we’ll be in touch.

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