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This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. The mission of the City of Garden Grove is to provide responsible leadership and quality services as we promote safety, cultural harmony, and life enrichment. The vision of Garden Grove is to be a safe, attractive, and economically vibrant city with an informed and involved public. The new owner of Garden Grove Hospital has ended an exclusive contract with a controversial rapid drug detox program that has been under scrutiny by state health regulators. Santa Clarita fire might not be the biggest blaze to hit Southern CaliforniaMistrial declared in trial over 1988 Buena Park rape, slaying of teenCourt calls O.C. Since 2003, Garden Grove Animal Hospital has been serving Winter Haven, FL and the surrounding area.
As a full service animal hospital, we are equipped with everything your pet could need, which allows us to give them the best care possible.
We are a diverse community that promotes our unique attributes and preserves our residential character.
We offer a variety of services including, digital x-rays, general surgery and comprehensive dentistry. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff make it their mission to answer any questions our clients may have about the well-being of their pet.

Sarrao said the change allows the hospital to focus on core services and ensure enough beds are available for the community.
Todd Beatty, goes out of his way to talk one-on-one with clients about any health issues their pet may be facing.
It's unclear how the termination will affect access to the Waismann Method, which is performed under general anesthesia in an intensive care unit. Clare Kavin, who runs the Waismann Method's Beverly Hills administrative office, did not return phone calls.
The Waismann Method involves flushing opiates from the body with drugs that block the euphoria receptors that opiates trigger in the brain. The method is advertised as taking the cravings out of withdrawal from prescription drugs, but other doctors and medical journals have called the procedure scientifically unproven and potentially dangerous.
Newport Beach anesthesiologist Clifford Bernstein is the medical director for the Waismann Method. In past interviews, he has described the method as safe and effective, saying he had successfully treated more than 2,000 patients in seven years. Bernstein's detox work at Garden Grove Hospital has resulted in a hospital fine and an accusation of negligence by the California Medical Board. In October, the California Department of Public Health fined Garden Grove Hospital $25,000 for endangering patient safety after rapid detox patients were given a powerful anti-nausea drug.

The state said the drug was given despite Food and Drug Administration warnings that the drug can cause serious heart irregularities and death. In May, the California Medical Board expanded an earlier accusation against Bernstein that sought to suspend or revoke his license for alleged negligence in the treatment of one patient who underwent the $15,000 detox at Garden Grove Hospital. The earlier accusation said Bernstein discharged the patient with a fever and diarrhea and she later had to be hospitalized. She was just unhappy after she detoxed." The updated state documents add two more patients to the accusation of negligence.
In the first, a patient, addicted to OxyContin, had a low pulse rate, which the state says Bernstein failed to evaluate. The other patient, the medical board alleges, was given "inadequate, incomplete and misleading information" about the effectiveness of the procedure to treat her addiction to a narcotic prescribed for painful bladder syndrome.
The state says the day before the detox, the patient was taken off a different medication to treat a lack of steroid hormone production by the adrenal glands. The documents say three days later the woman was hospitalized for adrenal insufficiency and opiate withdrawal, including cold sweats and the shakes, despite claims in the rapid detox consent form that she would not experience physical cravings.

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