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When real garden gnomes get kidnapped by lawn ornament poachers and taken on trips around the world, they sometimes come back less tacky and way more terrifying, like these cool new Gnombie - Zombie Garden Gnomes. Please keep away from cats, pink flamingos, concrete geese and normal garden gnomes or a total mini-zombie apocalypse could spread across the entire neighborhood!
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These little brain-eating, undead gnomes may look like the tiny re-animated corpses of fantasy creatures, but they're actually made from solid cold cast resin that's been hand-painted with disturbingly realistic zombie detail. They rely on their charmingly babyesque features to keep them out of any real danger, and it works because who could hurt anything so cuddly? None of the images, text, photographs, or content in Kimmel Gnomes may be used without the express written permission of Kimmel Gnomes.

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The sad truth is that this is just another case of media bias perpetuating the false belief that gnomes not tiny, cuddly and squishy. While you’re off impressing people at your day job or shuttling kids to and from clogging class, gnomes are sitting almost motionless among your boxwoods and pansies, catching various nasty little bugs and setting them aside for later use.
Then, while you sleep peacefully in your bed, they release those same bugs onto whichever of your edibles are currently at their most fragile, delicious or pretty and then let out a tiny, high-pitched giggle of glee as they return to their place of refuge and wait patiently for months or years until one day, their tiny insect minions rise up, band together, reproduce en masse, and destroy every last shred of whatever variety of plant they were programmed to obliterate. You may find a few bugs here and there in a given year that make their way to the appropriate beds (probably by way of gnomes), but the damage those bugs can do is minimal in comparison to the damage done by bugs that have had an entire season to multiply (and rabbits rate of reproduction is nothing compared to that of the humble garden insect). In addition, because different types of crops use different nutrients at different rates (and some actually add certain nutrients to the soil under specific circumstances), rotating your crops leads to healthier plants, and more even nutrient distribution in your soil.

Some crop rotations are advanced, with many different considerations necessary in order to decide what goes where, but I’ve had great results with a simple crop rotation schedule which is both easy and effective. The root vegetables are followed by our last type of vegetable, legumes (peas, beans, lentils), and then we start all over, by planting leaf vegetables once again. For a complete list of which vegetables belong in which of our categories, be sure to check out my Vegetable Growing Guide.Some gardeners include fruit vegetables from the Solanaceae (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes) family in their crop rotations, while others - including myself - prefer to plant them in tomato pots or elsewhere in the garden because of the uncertainty as to how plants in this family affect their host soil.

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