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This gate literally took me a half hour from start to finish … once I assembled my materials. In order to make your frame SQUARE you need to make sure that your diagonal measurements are the same. I lay the diagonal wood under the frame to mark it with a pencil , but for teaching purposes, I took the photo this way to show you. Cut off 1 inch diagonal on each top corner (just to make it pretty) and use a piece of wood for a spacer between slats for easy measurement.
I am thinking I want to paint the gate a whimsical color but as of this post there has not been a dry day to paint. I, evidently, have a very good imagination because it made me laugh just thinking about it!

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I wanted to thank you for linking up to last week’s Project Inspire{d} and let you know that I featured you on this week’s Project Inspire{d} ~ pinned! If you’re building a double wide gate (two sides) do you measure the opening and divide by 2, then take off an inch on each half?
Sometimes when I fantasize about quitting my job, I imagine myself building gates for a living. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Design a Natural looking gate and fencing that meanders through the garden among the flowering plants to keep the pets enclosed yet be accessible to the gardeners.

I’m stopping by to pin it, and to let you know you can grab a Featured button if you don’t already have one! Reason being, I thought I was going to open it one way, and the terrain did not allow that to happen.
I know how to measure and run a saw (helped my hubby build our garage), I can definitely build this gate!
If there are elements in the landscape which are not to scale, it can cause a feeling of uneasiness.

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