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If you watch the Live show, then you saw us go over products made from Garden Fresh Gourmet, and you saw the massive load of items on the studio table. Today’s mix is made with a blend of tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cilantro, jalapeno, vinegar, lime juice, salt, dehydrated celery, cane sugar, fresh garlic and spices.
The flavor from this has an earthy and immediate hit of cilantro flavor with what I suspect is a slight hint of cumin in the background.
For the better part of 14 years, Garden Fresh has been proud to claim the city of  Ferndale, Michigan as our home base.
Ever since Jack and Annette Aronson made their first tub of salsa in the back of  their storied barbeque joint on Woodward Avenue, this is the only place they’ve ever wanted to make a go of it.
That success wouldn’t have been possible if not for the day-to-day dedication of our employees and team members, and we are grateful to all the extraordinary citizens who make Ferndale so unique and livable.
As we continue to grow and prosper, it is our sincere desire that the people of Ferndale prosper with us. Many members of the community are aware that Garden Fresh is seeking a tax abatement on a small part of our Ferndale facilities that we recently added. Garlic is Good!Nearly all of Garden Fresh Gourmet's fresh, natural products include garlic.
Garden Fresh Gourmet was recently recognized as Earth Fare Markets' Deli Vendor of the Year award. Garden Fresh was born in the back of a small town diner in fabulous Ferndale just outside Detroit. On a golden summer morning in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur, a middle-aged, well-respected potter wipes the sweat from his dusty brow as he admires his latest creation.
The notion that a brand represents a set of ideals is a powerful one because it means everyone associated with the brand participates in helping to achieve the goal of fulfilling on the brand’s promise.
So, how does a product make the leap from being merely a product (albeit an extraordinary one) to bona fide brand-hood?
The Hungry Dudes Spinach Artichoke Dip Featuring Garden FreshDude, Where's Our Spinach Dip? Dave Benjamin of The Hungry Dudes picked up a container of Garden Fresh's Artichoke Spinach & 4 Cheese Dip the other day. Cut the tomatoes in half and squeeze out the seeds. Place the onion and garlic into the food processer, pulse just until its very roughly chopped.
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By Brittany Dixon 35 Comments We eat Mexican food in one form or another at least once a week, usually much more often.

Rinse and dry 10 fresh Roma tomatoes from the farmers market, then slice the ends off and cut in half. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! That’s because this year Garden Fresh Salsa took home 25 wins from the Scovie awards. To us, no community in America is more beautiful or more vibrant, and no people more passionate and caring about their neighbors than the fine folks of this amazing town.
We’re proud to contribute to the betterment of the community, not only by paying our fair share of taxes—which we are quite happy to do—but also through our support of several charitable organizations vital to maintaining the quality of life we all desire. Due to a multitude of factors, our expansion here in Ferndale has made it impossible for our plant and offices to remain under one roof, instead requiring us to provide for our operational needs by occupying a collection of non-contiguous locations, a fact that adds significant cost to our operations. But to tell that story you have to go back to ancient civilizations like the one mentioned above that existed in what is present-day Iraq.
However, in the modern sense of the term, brands are the things we choose to buy (or not buy) out of preference: How often have you heard someone say, “That’s my brand of toothpaste,” or “so and so is a good brand of appliances,” or something similar?
Since people form strong emotional attachments to preferred brands, delivering on that promise every time becomes extremely important. Garden Fresh started out as a line of salsas that were so good a brand aura formed around them.
It happens when consumers try your product, begin to believe in it and adopt it as their own.
I have been craving Mexican food… only problem is the closest good Mexican restaurant is 45 minutes away from me! I love it and it’s a good thing David does, too, or that might have been a deal breaker early on. However, since tomatoes are SO good and so cheap in the summer, I’ve really wanted to make a recipe using all fresh ingredients instead of canned for my version. Consistency-wise, this is a pretty sturdy salsa, being able to easily stand up a spoon in the center of this chunky, but smooth blend. This is a really mild salsa, with nearly no heat at all, but the flavor is a great balance.
Now, almost 14 years later, Garden Fresh Salsa is the number one fresh salsa, not just in Michigan, but in North America, and Garden Fresh has become the single largest employer in the city.
Many times we’ve been approached by other communities with the promise of a reduced tax burden in a single facility large enough to meet our needs now and for the foreseeable future. Said tax abatement would provide us with the means to continue, and even increase, our commitment to this city.  However, please know that tax abatement or not, we plan to be your neighbors now and in the future.

His clay is of a particular nature, rare and difficult to come by, its source a closely guarded secret. Similar stories could be found, however, throughout ancient Greece, or in the vastness of the Roman Empire where the seeds of brand meaning were also sown. In fact, the word “ideal” is defined as a principle or value that one actively pursues as a goal. Now, when people see the Garden Fresh brand on other kinds of products such as dips or chips, or even dressing, they automatically assume that those products deliver on the same set of ideals.
A brand preference for your product starts to form, and the aforementioned emotional attachment takes root. He inspects the thickness of the walls and the beading at the mouth of the vessel; for these are some of the qualities that distinguish his pottery from countless other examples made by one of his lesser contemporaries.
For thousands of years, brands have served to distinguish one product from the next, differentiating them in terms of quality, style, meaning, value, place of origin and purpose, among other things. So, it could be argued that a brand is really a promise made by the manufacturer or producer that their product will always live up to certain expectations and ideals.
We see our favorite brands as extensions of our own personalities, and thus we make value judgments as to whether one brand or another aligns with our self-image—and most importantly, whether it keeps its promise to us. I loved the salsa from my old work but I can never make it at home it just doesn’t come out the same. Finally, satisfied that this piece is worthy of his mark, he gently presses a half-moon-shaped bronze medallion into the soft clay at the base, so that everyone will recognize this pot as one created by him and him alone.
The word brand is rooted in the act of burning, as to indelibly mark something with a hot iron or a piece of charred wood for trade and commerce—or simply to indicate ownership.
If you make good on the brand promise every time and live up to the ideals represented by your brand, that emotional connection grows ever more powerful. It seems like a pretty solid salsa for breakfast tacos, and definitely one to put out for those with a milder sensibility for salsas. He keeps this medallion on a chain around his neck—close to his heart—for its value to him is immeasurable.
Heineken and Haagen-Dazs, Jaguar and Jergens, Nike and Nantucket Nectars; they’re all brands as well. If you would like your salsa to have less spice you can remove half or all the seeds from the jalapeno before you add it.

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