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This easy-to-build entry gate makes your side yard look inviting and extends your home's curb appeal. Safety is paramount, so before you begin building your fence, you are required to locate underground utilities. Set up a string line so that it is offset 6" from the center of where the post line will run.
With the holes drilled to your building code's recommended depth - plus 4" for gravel - re-string the guide line and set a post in each hole; stand them up straight using a post level, and align the posts with the string, checking the 6" offset. Using a circular saw, cut the 4"x4" fence posts (B) to proper height - each line post should extend 35" above the ground. Cut a 4"×4" for the beam (C) and secure the beam so the top of the beam is 9" down from the top of the arbor posts. You can set the posts to be perfectly plumb, but if a post has any twist or bend to it, by the time you reach the top of the post, things may not be perfect.
Use clamps to ease the work, acting as an extra set of hands when screwing the posts to the beam. To lay out the arched arbor top, mark the arc end points and arc center points where shown and drive a screw at each end point. Back up on the arbor post, slip the newly assembled arbor top over the posts so it rests on the spacers, centering the rails on the post. For the fence sections, we'll start by measuring the distance between the posts (near the ground) and then we'll build the fence in sections on a workbench. Cut the bottom rail (G) and ends (H) to length for one section based on the between-post measurement. After marking the fence rails for the final length, remove the gate assembly from the post and trim the rails to length so they're flush with the edges of the outside pickets. Low garden fence i made sometime ago too divide the garden.However i bought the trellis panels and the ball caps.
Hi Mick , you have a very beautiful garden , really like the design and paint job on the fence , another job well done , thanks for sharing your work , JIM ! Packed with design ideas for your backyard and front yard, each issue features amazing gardens, beautiful plants, bold products, and insights from the world’s best designers.Subscribers get up to $36 off the cover price.
Sideyard gates must be attractive and wide enough to allow the movement of equipment and bikes in and out without pressure on the gate posts. The beauty and elegance of wrought iron allows a clear view of your home from the street while maintaining complete security. This double gate opens to allow a lawn tractor through, or only one side may be used on a daily basis. This gate was designed to fit perfectly with the style of architecture for a highly detailed transparent barrier that is equally attractive when viewed from the garden looking outward.
Side yard and front entry gates, sometimes referred to as pedestrian gates, allow people to access the backyard or entryway.
Chad Hoover of Hoover Fence details the pros and cons of wood gates and why they are often left to the professionals.
The advent of technology for residential gates and driveway gates has spawned a whole new area of accessories.

The advent of solar powered systems makes it possible for automated gates far from a junction box. Your home's gates have a lot to do with curb appeal and people's first impression of your property. If opting for a wooden gate, be sure to select a wood type that is well suited for the outdoors.
Heavy duty wooden garden gates with thick boards and framing complements the dip treated board panels.
Along the string line, mark the centers of the post, and then use stakes to mark each hole center 6" from the string. Now measure the depth of the arbor postholes from grade to gravel and add 96" to determine the overall length of the 4"x6". Pour in a bag of quick-set concrete, add water, and check the post one more time to be sure it's level.
To help keep the posts parallel and plumb, measure the distance between the arbor posts at ground level. Use a thin piece of trim or a fairing stick as drawing guide; place the trim against the screws and bend the board out until it reaches the center points.
To determine the length of the wide rails (I) and narrow rails (J), subtract the thickness of two ends from the length of the bottom rail.
Cut the gate rails (M) 7" longer than the distance between the arbor post, and temporarily secure to the post where shown. Lay out the arch points, use a thin piece of trim as a fairing stick, and bend the stick to mark the layout lines. Attach the hinges to the gate panel using the screws provided and secure to the arbor post. To provide additional protection of the treated wood, allow the material to dry for about two months before applying a deck or fence stain. Only just got round too painting.The building at the back on the right with black door my little workshop[sanctuary ]. The heavy gauge steel reinforcement on the bottom half ensures this all metal gate remains square and swings easily without sag.
When closed the slat pattern remains continuous so that this gate blends in when not in use. Many modern wrought iron gates are actually not wrought iron at all, but powder coated steel made in the traditional wrought iron style. Wooden gates can have a solid design if you are concerned with privacy, or an open, picket like style. One idea is to install a pergola or arbor over the gate with climbing plants growing up it. You will also need to contact your local building department to learn about permits and call your homeowner's association to verify local requirements.
Remove the string, but leave the stakes, and begin digging the holes at the marked locations. Allow the concrete to harden, following the manufacturer's instructions, and add a second bag of mix to the hole if necessary to bring the concrete within 2" of grade.

The lower wide rail is positioned with the bottom surface of the rail flush to the bottom of the ends.
A 2"x4" placed under the gate will help prop it off the ground for clearance as the gate swings. Most pedestrian gates are single gates; however, if you prefer the look of a double gate this is also a possibility. Popular types of wood for outdoor gates include Western Red Cedar, pressure treated wood and redwood.
You’ll join thousands of design-conscious readers to get gardening inspiration and innovative design solutions for enjoying outdoor spaces.
Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
Lay the rails on your bench so they are a post-width (A) apart - use a scrap from the post to get the proper spacing. Add the lower rail, centering the rail on the width of the bottom wide rail and flush to the ends of the assembled frame. Making your gate too tall or too short will cause it to seem out of proportion in comparison. Some gates are designed to look like trees, leaves or plants, while others may feature a family name or initial, and still others have animals worked into the design.
A coat of paint or stain can transform a wooden gate into an artistic doorway into the landscape beyond. However, even when you select the right type of lumber, a wooden fence will likely require painting, sanding or staining at least every other year. With vinyl you'll be able to choose from a variety of styles such as a picket gate, a privacy gate or a lattice gate. High windows are perfect for people to look in or out, while low windows can be installed for pets. Cut the pickets (P and Q) to length (Cutting List) and install the pickets, centering the middle wide picket and working your way to each side. Our system designers are also being asked more and more questions regarding lighting near gates, cameras, and other home automation equipment.
Much like a door, a gate built of wood can have a window, a handle and even a deadbolt if you like.
Durable and attractive gate hinges and latches will increase the appeal and lifetime of a gate. Such a system can be operated by remote, keypad, intercom, telephone or sensors depending on your preference. Painting your gate a warm inviting color will catch people's eye and make them feel welcome.

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