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The 12th is one of our favorite holes at Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club, strong driving hole and great approach shot which makes you think.
The 15th hole at Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club is a great little Par 5 that doglegs right at almost 90 degrees. Finally, Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club has one of the most hated and loved golf holes in Hong Kong. If you can take on the dogleg, you can be left with a middle iron, but the beauty is you need to hit a great golf shot, not a perfect golf shot, but a great one.

It’s a dogleg left that can leave you with a flip wedge in your hand or a 3 wood, depending on how much of the dogleg (and trouble) you think you can cut off.
The 11th at Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club is a nice little Par 3, deceptively difficult, and even more of a challenge if the wind is blowing, there’s trouble (cliff) left, and a bailout area right, but an up and down from there is no picnic as the green has some tricky breaks and slopes. 13 is a long par 4 with an intimidating tee shot and difficult approach with what will almost certainly be a fairway wood or hybrid.
One day you can make what will feel like the easist birdie or eagle of your life, the next you could take a 10.

Like many holes at Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club, it makes you think on every shot and there are many ways to play the hole. 16 is a ho-hum Par 3, it’s straight foward but everytime we play it someone manages to hit one in the not-so-obvious hazard guarding the right side of the hole.

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