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This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. Book your tour for a glimpse into the unique history and architecture of the famous New Orleans neighborhood – from elite addresses on St.
Book your tour now and experience the gorgeous sites of the Garden District as you stroll through New Orleans history and by the stately homes of famous residents on this walking tour.
Book your tour and come explore the dark side of antebellum New Orleans on a walking tour of the tree-lined streets of the Garden District.
The French Quarter might get all the fame in New Orleans, but at some point, you need a break from the constant music and crowds and good times rolling. I’ve always loved driving around and looking at beautiful houses, seeing where people live and thinking about the choices the architects made. Perhaps this was the origin of my life as a solo traveler — these long drives through nearby neighborhoods, nothing to do, just exploring. After checking out the graves, move on to the streets. The best thing to do in the Garden District is to simply wander and photograph anything that catches your fancy.
But rather than having a completely unplanned wander, I recommend taking in First Street, where you’ll find some of the most famous houses in the Garden District and all of New Orleans. Payne-Strachan House has one macabre claim to fame: Jefferson Davis, once president of the Confederacy, died while visiting his friend Judge Charles Fenner here in 1889. I have been dreaming of an American South vacation – to include New Orleans, Charlestown and Savannah. I love looking at buildings, especially, houses when I travel and imagining what it’s like to live there. Your pictures are wonderful, what camera do you use and do you edit each one before posting it? New Orleans is a city of wonderful neighborhoods - each rich in its history,unique culture and interesting architecture.

One neighborhood I always tell visitors not to miss is the Garden District, anarea featuring one of the most dazzling displays of mid-1800's mansions (of everyconceivable architectural style!) to be found anywhere.
It's not surprising that most of the neighborhood is on the National Historic Landmarklist.
The Creoles hid their gardens in private courtyards and thought that havingsuch a conspicuous front garden was both improper and immodest. Above is the home of quarterback Archie Manning and his wife, Olivia;the house where quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning grew up. The Carroll-Crawford house above is one of several houses in the Garden Districtwhich still has its original carriage house (below).
The story goes that the Colonel (whohad the home built in 1859), installedthe cornstalk fence for his wife, whowas homesick for Kentucky.
There are intricately designedwrought-iron gates and fencesthroughout the city -- most notablyin the French Quarter, but in otherneighborhoods, as well.
The house above has always been one of my favorites -- it's currently for sale for nineand a half million. Even when I was a teenager (and gas was a mere $1.45 a gallon), I would spend whole afternoons driving around the ritzy neighborhoods in the surrounding towns, checking out the enormous, ornate homes.
One of his good friends and frequent party guests was Mark Twain. Could you imagine sitting on one of those balconies, sipping a mint julep and listening to Mark Twain riff about anything at all? I wrote a post about them once — inspired by those ornate first-and-second-story porches in Charleston (much like these). Reminds me a bit of The Battery in Charleston, where the Calhoun House and all the other pretty southern mansions are.
All your pictures are beautiful, but that first photo of Lafayette Cemetery is really stunning. When I think of the place the first thing that comes to my mind is the music and the festivities held over there.

If you choose to purchase items through these links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. By clicking through, you'll be helping reduce this site's running costs -- and I only link to products I personally use and like ! Sometimes I’d be with my friends, but most of the time I was on my own, cranking up the music and enjoying my own company. Most believed it kept insects from nesting in the wood; others believe a blue ceiling wards off evil spirits. There’s a house near mine, overlooking the incredible James River, with a sprawling second-story porch and no one is ever out there. If you happened to befriend any handsome, smart, funny, wealthy bachelors who live in a house like any of the ones in your photos while in New Orleans, you know where to send him. I knew of course there would be other places to see but I never really looked into them much because of my focus on the obvious, this has given me a lot of incentive! Although I usually start thinking about the cost of living on one of the streets and suddenly find myself scurrying away! But through this blog, you’ve shown that New Orleans offer so much more, a completely different side than what we normally perceive. And in one of the most haunted cities in America, you do everything you can to keep the spirits at peace.
The best way to get there is to take a cab or, if you’re up for it, walk (approximately 40 minutes from the French Quarter).

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