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A mother who gave birth to a baby girl in 'secret' following an affair, let her newborn die before burying its body in the ground. Fatima Ali, from Bury, Greater Manchester, feared she would bring shame upon her devout Muslim family for having the child out of wedlock. And after giving birth to the infant - alone her bedroom, she cut the umbilical chord and left it to die.
Last Friday at Bolton Crown Court Ali burst into tears as she was given a 26-week prison sentence, suspended for two years, and subjected to a twelve month supervision order.
Sentencing, Judge John Appleby said, 'You failed to seek medical assistance following the birth of your daughter. Her family had disapproved of her relationship with Kazi Mohammed Dilwar Hussein and, when she had fallen pregnant, her partner gave her money to have an abortion in Birmingham in 2009.
Nazir Afzal, Greater Manchester Chief Crown Prosecutor said: 'Whatever the community or familial dishonour or shame, real or perceived, that Ali may have felt, it did not justify the tragic death of the most vulnerable victim, a new born baby boy or girl. Defending, Lisa Roberts, said her client had made a bad decision and was still physically and emotionally in shock for some time after the birth. Roberts added that having been raised by her aunt, she effectively had two families to disobey by having a baby out of wedlock due to their culture. Miss Roberts said Ali realised how foolish she had been getting involved with a man who had promised to marry and support her, but instead left the country.
Her phone revealed numerous texts between the defendant and her partner - who was out the country, one of which included a photograph of the baby.
The court also heard how Fatima's entire family had since been ostracised by community members, not only for what she has done, but also because of the relationship she had out of wedlock.
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A sexy politician has made waves in her homeland after revealing photos of her appeared in a tabloid paper. Naked self-portraits last night appeared on the Facebook account of a former London deputy mayor.
Daniel Jones (left), one of the Hatton Garden ringleaders, was an eccentric Walter Mitty character who was obsessed with crime and would sleep in his mother's dressing gown and a fez hat, his friend Carl Wood, 58, (pictured right, in a court sketch) told Woolwich Crown Court todayWood, a married father of two, is accused of being one of the men who broke into the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit on the night of April 2 and helped carry out the heist.
Wood, pictured earlier this year,A told the court Jones, who is also married with two children, is a very 'caring' manThe court heard the two men would often speak on the phone, but Wood explained this as 'general chit chat', and as them arranging to go on a walk. Jones took police to Edmonton Cemetery and showed police the grave of Sidney John Hart, a relative of Valerie Hart, the mother of his children.

A mother in western Kansas has sued the state after officials there took her son and arrested her on marijuana charges. Shona Banda, 38, of Garden City, Kansas, filed her suit in federal court March 24, alleging state officials impinged on her civil rights by punishing her for treating a severe case of Crohn’s disease with cannabis, according to the Wichita Eagle newspaper. Banda also says police and state agencies infringed on her rights as a parent and questioned the boy improperly, without her permission. Police searched the home with a warrant and said they found hash oil, more than a pound of bud, and marijuana paraphernalia. Banda’s son was removed by the Kansas Department for Children and Families, and she named the agency as one of several defendants in the suit. Anti-cannabis laws are especially harsh in Kansas, where the drug is banned for any use and all marijuana offenses are crimes. Banda filed the suit herself one year to the day after the raid and is acting as her own attorney.
In the lawsuit, Banda says she never allowed her son near her cannabis and taught him it could only be used as medication.
Banda was arrested following the search of her home and faces cannabis-related criminal charges in Finney County.
Crohn’s disease is a serious, chronic inflammatory bowel disorder that causes significant pain and discomfort.
A dog owner whose bull mastiff was one of five dogs to maul his former mother-in-law to death has launched a bid to save his pet from being destroyed.Dylan Mason, 44, is going to court to try to save his dog Ranger from the lethal injection - one of a group which savaged Gloria Knowles, 71, in October.
The widow was badly injured when the dogs a€“ two 'giant' Bordeaux French mastiffs, two American bulldogs and a small mongrel a€“ suddenly turned on her.She was found dead at the scene in Morden, South London, and is believed to have bled to death as a result of her injuries.
Now she insists her ex-husband and a third dog owner, who officers have identified only as Ms Azzoni, should follow suit and destroy their dogs. She died within two hours of her birth, and, had you acted appropriately, her life could have been saved.
He is alleged to have also returned on the night of April 4, but walked away from the job after finding the fire escape door closed. The 11-year-old boy was removed after he told authorities his mother possesses and uses the drug. Her son was taken from their home last March after he allegedly spoke up during a drug education class and said several adults, including Banda, used drugs at the house. The Garden City school district and state officials, including the office of Republican Gov.

Though the department recommends against taking children strictly for the presence of marijuana, it removes them when there are safety issues, said spokeswoman Theresa Freed. Possession of one pound is treated as possession with intent to distribute, a felony with a maximum penalty of nearly four years in prison and $100,000 in fines. She previously wrote a book about her use of hash oil as treatment for Crohn’s disease. Police and prosecutors did not disclose the status of that case or the exact nature of the charges. Marijuana has been shown to be an effective treatment, but Kansas does not allow the drug for any medicinal use. The five animals pounced on the grandmother after she went into the garden to take down washing for her daughter, Beverley Mason. Three of the animals - belonging to Mrs Knowles's daughter Beverley - have been since been put to sleep. She told the Mirror that she loved her dogs, but nothing was worth more than her mother's life. If I wasn't going on a walk, generally I was visiting my mum, with my wife or my children, or in the vicinity of my house.
Sam Brownback, told the Eagle they couldn’t comment on the case because of the pending lawsuit. A French mastiff called Yogi and bulldogs Missy and Lemmie were humanely destroyed by lethal injections. She said: 'I cana€™t believe he is arguing that the dog should be kept alive when it killed my mum. The family has run Harrington's pie and mash shop in nearby Tooting, for several generations.Mrs Mason said she has owned dogs her entire life and had no idea why her dogs - which she insists were normally well behaved - would have turned on her mother. Ita€™s just evil.'She added that now they had tasted her mother's blood and now must be put down. Mother-of-four Mrs Mason, 43, who has a son Kurtis, 12, with her former partner, told the paper: 'The court case is just dragging everything out when it is clear the dogs all touched my mum, there is evidence of that.

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