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Gourmet Pizza, Variety of pastas, Fresh Salads, Delightful Sandwiches, Tempting Appetizers, Buffalo Wings, Ribs, Homemade Cakes, and Macaroons!
Getting more and more disappointed with this place, for the fact that they can't even get their milk tea and iced lemon tea right. There are plenty of parking spaces if you come for breakfast.I had spam and egg in instant noodle.
As such, they have pretty much anything you can think of on the menu such as sizzling steak plates, stir-fry noodles, ramen noodles, spaghetti dishes, club sandwiches, and even instant-ramen packaged noodles. I know it sounds weird but this is like the most basic item and could hardly go wrong.The tea base are very watery and sugary with not much favor.

Sure they use msg - what Chinese let alone any restaurant don't sprinkle on that flavor enhancer?? Honestly, they can use little more attentiveness with kindness but their attitute at most times = Just eat, pay, & go on your happy ways! You can also choose between pasta and rice and I am a big fan of their pasta but others have said the pasta is a little dry and too sweet. Yes, you can get better food somewhere else but this place has been standing firm in the area for many years for some reason. We had their western style dished, the pork chop and chicken with black pepper sauce and the braised ox tail in red wine.

One reason = they never failed to provide that good ol' Korean style Chinese food during last 22 + years.
The sad part is, their souffle is probably one of their signature dessert that requires 40 min wait, and I am willing to wait for it.
And this is one of the major reason I would choose to come to eat while waiting for dessert.

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