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Singapore has always prided itself on being a garden city, one where glass towered alongside grass and last year, opened another attraction that certainly helps it live up to its reputation. Bay South Garden, the largest of the three, is known for its two conservatories, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.
Flowers, however, steal the show and the dome features a changing display field to display seasonal flowers. The Cloud Forest is smaller than the Flower Dome, and replicates the cool, moist conditions of tropical mountain regions.
Probably the most iconic feature of the Gardens, the Supertrees are home to a myriad of species, and two are linked via the OCBC skyway. Gardens by the Bay is home to more than flora and fauna; plenty of food outlets dot the gardens, including restaurants, cafes and dessert parlours.
Pollen restaurant offers Mediterranean-influenced, modern European cuisine served alongside captivating views of the Gardens.
Satay by the Bay, a more wallet-friendly option, is a rare waterfront, food court dining experience. Finally treat yourself to a slice of heaven from the Gardens’ very own creamery, Seventh Heaven. Fans of the Gardens can opt to get a regular membership pass for unlimited admission to the Gardens and its conservatories. Getting to the Gardens is easy; hop on a train to Bayfront MRT, which is within walking distance of the Gardens. SBS Transit also runs a bus service (400) to the Gardens, but the service only runs every 20 minutes. There are at least four different parking locations within the Gardens itself, so finding a lot shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Come step into the world of adventure, water play and a magnificent treehouse right in the heart of the island at Gardens by the Bay.
The Adventure trail is more suited for older kids (6-12) given it's numerous obstacle courses such as balancing bridge, monkey bars, balancing beams and more.
It was not too difficult to pull us out of the web, especially when we saw a series of slides next to it. Although it was hot and sunny, the adventure area is sufficiently shaded, so you do not feel the heat.

For adults , there are more than sufficient seating places available including a 320 seater covers Amphitheater next to the Water play area.
Gardens by the Bay is a must-visit park for any fans of flora and fauna (or royalty; Prince William and Kate Middleton made a quick stop here during their whirlwind world tour in 2012).
The Flower Dome simulates the dry and mild climate of the Mediterranean, and displays interesting plants and trees from the region, including olive trees and date palms. Here, visitors can enjoy the cooling mist from a 35-metre waterfall, and view ferns and orchids (among others) from the world over. The skyway allows visitors to catch a breathtaking aerial glimpse of the Gardens, especially at night.
Definitely a must-try if you’re looking for fresh, well-cooked food, Pollen makes the most of its green surroundings and uses herbs and vegetables from the Gardens.
Dig into hawker favourites, including BBQ chicken wings, chicken rice, satay, laksa, among others. With over 30 innovative ice cream flavours, including 8 floral flavours, you’ll be spoilt for choice and might find yourself with one scoop too many. These passes, valid for one year, also include free parking for the first two hours and are packaged to suit individual needs. Rooms at the nearby Marina Bay Sands, Ritz Calrton and the Pan Pacific Hotel offer splendid views of the Gardens. This $10 million , 1 hectare children' playground by Far East Organization ( FEO) is located between the Cloud Forest and Satay Club. Nevertheless, it may be better to explore the area in the early morning or late afternoons to avoid the blazing Sun.We love the lush fauna settings, this is one trail that is close to nature, making one liberated from the concrete jungle that we are so used to.
2 tree houses at 4 metres and 7.5 metres tall are located within the dense rainforest tress.
We recommend the older folks to sit back and enjoy the soulful music piped in the background . The area is smallish enough to keep a close eye on the toddlers, while letting them roam about play area. It was a great workout for us as we spend a good 2 hours exporing the children's playground. From what we saw, there would probably be food and beverages outlets opening within the vicinity.

Together with the Flower Dome,Cloud Forest, OCBC skyway and the open gardens , this new kid on the block will complete the puzzle. The park consists of three unique, waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. True to its name, the food court is famous for its satay, which is currently on promotion, with 30 sticks going for $16.
Tickets to both conservatories cost $20 for local resident adults, $12 for local resident children (3 – 12 years old). Individual adult passes start at $68, while family passes (for 2 adults, 3 children) are $180 each. The service runs along the Central Business District every 15 minutes during lunchtime, while going to Marina Bay MRT station every 20 minutes after 6pm. It is one of the largest we have been to date, comprising of 5 different stations catering to children from age 1-12. Loaded with mini obstacles, it promise to expose the child to different exciting outdoor challenges.
Give the weather in Singapore, it would be pure bliss to cool off after a workout round the dry play area. The centerpiece of the children playground, it features hydro vaults, splash leaves and splines. This will make Gardens by the Bay one of the hotspots for families with its numerous attractions and activities. The ever changing water direction is determine by sensors detecting movement of the children. Adults may participate in the fun, but during our play, we were mostly left to our own devices.
The flooring are also well padded, so it is quite safe for children to roam about the water play area.

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