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Since our doors opened in late October, many area residents have found GARDEN BUFFET to be a welcome change to the buffet experience! Great food, an amazing selection of items and warm, friendly service are the reason people are talking so highly about us!
We offer a delicious array of choices every night, from snow crab legs, full sushi bar, stir fry grill, as well as many Asian dishes!
At GARDEN BUFFET, we take pride in making sure your visit is an experience you won’t soon forget!!!!!
GARDEN BUFFET is now offering a full take-out and delivery service, so you can enjoy our fresh, hot selections at home Planning a party?
We here at GARDEN BUFFET will be happy to assist you in making your party or event a success! If you want a high class, affordable meal for a birthday or celebration, I recommend going to the Garden Buffet at the Star. If you're going in a big group it's best to RSVP early otherwise there may be issues fitting you all in, as the tables are more suited to many small groups than a couple of large groups.

Also, if you're picky about what you eat, although it's a large buffet, there's still only a limited selection to eat; a couple of entrees, a couple of mains, a couple of desserts, and a soda machine. Another little detail you should know is that if you intend on bringing young children or anyone under 18 it can be harder to get in than navigating a maze.
Now unless you've been there before, know your way around or have a very good tour guide then you may end up wandering the halls lost for ages - you may even end up having to go outside and search your way around the building until you can find your way again. Once at the buffet however, after the wait to get in (which cancelled out the time we saved for not having to wait for a waiter to come and serve us) it was pretty good being able to get what food you wanted, how much of it you wanted and when you wanted. All in all if you can navigate your way inside, it's a good buffet with good food and it's a nice place to have dinner with friends, family, loved ones, workmates, anyone.
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. We plan to attend the Party For A Cause Festival and hopefully the 51st Country Music Awards.
It is an open buffet so that all you need to do is grab a plate and stack it full of yummy treats.

All the food is nice of course, but if you don't like the desserts they have or if you don't have a soft spot for fizzy drinks you may find yourself stuck for choice at times.
All the signs will point you in one direction, but that direction is smack bang through the casino floor, and surprise surprise you can't enter the casino unless you are 18 or older. I've spent enough time wandering all the way around the building inside and out with no help from staff and directions that led to no-where, and the ever frustrating knowledge that it was a short straight line from one side of the casino to the other but we couldn't go through as we had 17 year olds with us.
The only downside was shuffling seats in order to let everyone in and out constantly to stock up.

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