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Chef-owner John Grizzaffi will spend most of his time in Slingerlands for the first few months, then divide hours between the two locations starting in late fall.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You can eat the salad if you'd like to pretend you ate something virtuous over the course of your meal. Garden Bistro 24 in Colonie sets itself apart from other local restaurants in a lot of ways. Yes, Garden Bistro 24 also serves six different variations of moules frites, and I'd highly recommend you get an order of them to split as an appetizer while waiting for your steak. You might prefer the blue cheese-shallot butter, but blue cheese is notoriously known as a wine killer, much like asparagus or artichokes. Each plate also comes with a token amount of green salad, so you can either cleanse your palate, or pretend you ate something virtuous over the course of your meal.
If you're not into steak (I'm not), they make some amazing meal-sized salads, and you can get a side of frites.
And as a committed non-vegetarian, I have to agree with Daniel: the steaks are so wonderful that I imagine cows would be proud to become them. Ever wish you had a smart, savvy friend with the inside line on what's happening around the Capital Region? This area has a lot of old homes, which have had many residents, who in turn have many stories. It seems like every month or so there's an announcement of some new apartment project around the Capital Region. Fresh off the airplane, I had plans to meet my sister for dinner near the Albany, NY airport. Don Rogers, who was Grizzaffi’s sous chef in Colonie, is now that restaurant’s executive chef.
They are quite delicious and the saffron tomato and Provencal versions go particularly well with red wine. And sure, you could throw convention to the wind and enjoy a hearty robust white with your beef, but most people will stick to the classic pairing.
Garden Bistro 24 is one of those rare restaurants that encourage living life to the lees and buying a bottle.

In fact the wineglasses here are nicer than those at one of the most expensive Italian restaurants in town.
But having tried both at Garden Bistro 24, I can tell you the flat iron is the real winner here.
The herbs add a subtle seasoning to the meat, while the butter melts down and mingles with the juices from the steak, which just demands to be mopped up with some crisp frites.
If you must, there is an entire listing on the menu of salads, but order those at your own peril. Their salads are incredible (especially their herb salad), and they also do vegetarian crepes and sandwiches. On the times I've had the flat iron steak (of course ordered rare), I wasn't as pleased with the texture as when I order the hangar steak. For the record, I think this is a fair price, but it's sadly no longer the value it once was. If anything, the city could be criticized for NOT influencing the construction or requirements to construct affordable housing into larger market rate projects.
Our show, I Wish I Could Fly, at Garden Bistro 24 hosted by Chef John Grizzaffi was a wonderful success! And while I might miss ice cream, I appreciate the commitment to a tightly constructed menu based on fresh ingredients.
This is the place to go when you know exactly what you want for dinner, and what you want is a simple and unpretentious meal of steak frites. They do this through an advantageous pricing model on a thoughtfully selected list where most of the wine is under $30 a bottle with selections under $20 as well. The same is true for the well designed and heavy flatware, which might make you forget for a moment you are eating in a restaurant that only charges $14 for a steak dinner. When ordered rare or medium rare, it's juicy, beefy and toothsome enough to let you know that it's meat, without being tough.
But it is very refreshing to see a restaurant that has a singular focus, one that does not try to be more than it is, and one that can provide a good meal, for a reasonable price, at a nicely set table. Take that one step further - affordable housing requirements on development aren't even considered as part of the city's first comprehensive zoning code overhaul since 1968.
The menu will be the same as at the three-year-old original in Colonie, although weekly specials may differ slightly at the restaurants.

The mussels with tomato saffron sauce were so good we had to order extra bread to soak it all up. The food is prepared fresh daily and seasonally motivated.  We do not have either a freezer or a microwave.
The produce is locally grown when available to ensure that their customers get the finest and freshest ingredients on the market. Our produce is locally grown when available to ensure that our customers get the finest and freshest ingredients on the market. The well-respected Tampa Bay Times restaurant critic, Laura Reiley had recently featured an article on the myths of the farm-to-table movement, and so I posed a few questions to our server to ask about the local sourcing of the greens in their house salad. We also offer a fine selection of Seasonal Entrees that change based upon local and seasonal availability.Sign Up Nowto get specials, news and recipes from Garden BistroSign Up for Email UpdatesFor Email Marketing you can trust. Without missing a beat, she proudly rattled off the various local farms that deliver produce and meats to the restaurant every day. Nicely done!The restaurant has a very nice selection of fresh salads, and homemade soups, plus burgers, warm-pressed sandwiches, smaller-sized lunch entrees, and specialty crepes on the menu.
They also have a full bar, with a great selection of wines by the bottle or by the glass, and plenty of local craft beers.I ordered the GB24 Salad which was a bed of mixed greens, with fresh green beans, sliced egg, bacon crumbles, avocado slices, red onion, cucumbers, and carrots. That came with my choice of their house-made vinaigrette dressings, and I opted for the citrus vinaigrette.
It was obvious that the produce was local, and had recently been pulled out of the ground.For my main entree I selected their Prince Edward Island Mussels, and noted that the menu promoted the fact that these mussels are rope-cultured in the cool Canadian waters and never touch the ocean bottom. The mussels grow naturally in nutrient-rich waters, and are self-sustained with no feed or additives.
The mussels were steamed in my choice of their signature sauces, and I opted for the white wine and shallot sauce (almost a broth). We twisted her arm to take a brother-sister photo, and she very happily complied, and told us that photography was one of her hobbies.Spectacular food, and a very wonderful setting.

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