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Many homeowners work very hard to maintain a green and weed free lawn through diligent care of their grass.
Weeds can establish themselves in a flower bed rather easily due to the fact that there is relatively little competition. In contrast, weeds have a much more difficult time establishing themselves in a well maintained lawn due to the fact that the grass is so tightly packed and allows for little else to grow between the plants.
But problems can arise in a situation where weeds have established themselves in a flower bed next to a well maintained lawn. The best way to keep weeds in your flower bed from invading your lawn is to keep the weeds from your flower beds to begin with. Keeping an eye out for future weeds in the garden will also go a long way towards helping to keep the weeds out of the lawn. Simply by eliminating those weed promoting practices, and replacing with a few time and labor saving methods – you can all but eliminate the issue of weeds in your garden. Keeping your garden neat and free of weeds also helps keep the nutrients going to your veggie plants!
Tilling simply takes all of the weed seeds that are laying on the surface, where they may never germinate, and plants them into the soil.
We believe in this one so much we actually have an entire post dedicated to it: Why Not To Use  A Rototiller. Keeping weeds out of the walking rows between your plants is just as important to the health of your garden as it is the look. I think there are a lot of skeptics when we say we spend only 5 to 10 minutes a day in the garden for maintenance. I want to use the method of putting leaves and other mulch down in the fall or possibly plant a cover crop. Layer on about 4 sheets of newspaper, overlapping edges, wet entire thing down and put down bricks or stone to hold down, you can leave for awhile till grass and weeds are dead so it's easier to dig the holes thru the paper but it's not necessary. When your garden maintenance routine goes out the window, the garden can get out of control with weeds being the obvious first and biggest problem to appear.

Plant Plants – Crowd out weed infested areas by planting good strong plants- There are many plants that will smother the ground so effectively that weeds simply don’t have enough light, or space to grow in.
Newspaper – for severely weed infested gardens pull the mulch back and lay dampened newspaper 6 sheets thick to cover all the weeds and soil, placing it right up to the edge of shrubs making sure there is a generous overlapping of paper so that weeds can’t get to the light. Look out for the new generation of organic herbicides designed to kill annual and biennial weeds, many are based on pine oil which rapidly desicates weeds. Finally, if you don’t have the time or energy to apply the above, consider using the services of a garden maintenance company that uses eco-friendly alternatives.
This entry was posted in Garden Maintenance, Rejuvenate your Garden and tagged garden maintenance, organic gardening, rejuvenate your garden, weed control by Sue Bampton. The weeds are able to grow strong and can send runners or seeds into the nearby weed free lawn. The first step is realizing that eliminating weeds in a garden is a process and not a one time thing. If you let the garden go for more than a day or two – weeds and the problems they bring multiply and magnify. Use a herbicide such as a low toxic broadleaf weed killer on couch lawns and apply with a sprayer very carefully or use a paint brush and apply products directly onto the weed. Re-seed as soon as possible with a quality seed mix that will germinate fast and establish quickly. Even the most well tended lawn will not be able to fight of this kind of close proximity attack. They are responsible for choking the life from vegetable and flower gardens, while stealing life-giving nutrients away from our plants.
By using mulches and protecting the soil, you can cut the potential for future weeds dramatically!
In the time it takes a person to till between the rows of a garden the same size as ours, we have finished our 10 minute gardening work day, grilled out for dinner and are sitting on the patio enjoying a cool beverage! It provides air to the plant’s base and allows nutrients and water to more easily reach the root structure.

This may sound a bit crazy, but 10 minutes of daily work is not the same as spending 70 minutes once a week in the garden. Sprinkle a little blood and bone over the layer to replace any nitrogen loss as the paper breaks down.
I present the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly you can find questions like the one you bring up exactly where by far the most very important thing is going to be working in honest fine faith. Weeds are also the reason many gardeners throw their hands up by mid-summer and call it a year. If you don’t remove weed seed heads as soon as you see them you will encourage a new generation of more weeds. I don?t know if most desirable practices have emerged around things like that, but I’m certain that your job is clearly identified as a fair game.
Straw and shredded leaf mulch in the walking rows, and a 2 to 3 inch mulching of compost right around our plants.
This kind of mulch doesn’t compact too tightly together and makes it difficult for weed seeds to germinate. This should be a regular part of your garden maintenance routine in early Spring and Autumn. Both boys and girls really feel the impact of just a moment’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives. If they become thicker – we  simply take the weed eater through the garden and mow them down to the grown and  reapply a few more inches of mulch. The other bonus is that water penetrates more freely to the soil below and oxygen which is very important to plant health circulates easier through the mulch.

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