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If you want to experience the ultimate beach vacation getaway in the Caribbean, you should head to Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands.
The view of the beach is breathtaking enough, but the numerous activities that you can do in the water will also take your breath away—literally. Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands has many restaurants and bars that serve great food and rinks. Cooled Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, designed by Wilkinson Eyre, Grant Associates, Atelier One and Atelier Ten, wins the WAF World Building of the Year Award for 2012.
Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, the dramatic leisure destination designed by UK landscape architects Grant Associates, has welcomed over one million visitors in its first two months including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Over one million people have already visited Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay since its completion on 29 June 2012 by a design team led by UK landscape architects, Grant Associates. Now, thousands of architects from around the world are being given a prime opportunity to visit Gardens by the Bay, when the World Architecture Festival (WAF) is held in Asia for the first time at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from 3-5 October 2012.
At 101 hectares, Gardens by the Bay will eventually be one of the largest gardens of its kind in the world comprising Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central.
A remarkable blend of nature, technology, environmental management and imagination, highlights of Bay South include 18 Supertrees (25-50 metre vertical gardens that light up at night) and two giant Cooled Conservatories, designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, housing Mediterranean and Tropical climate plants. This team was supported by a number of Singapore Consultants including CPG (architecture, civils and structures, M&E), Meinhardt Infrastructure (civils and structures), Langdon Seah (cost consultants), LPA (lighting design), PMLink (project management) and WET (irrigation). The client, National Parks Board of Singapore, and the Gardens by the Bay project team were instrumental in delivering the world class collections of plants. Gardens by the Bay is one of a series of significant landscape architecture projects that Grant Associates is currently working on in Singapore and throughout Asia. Wilkinson Eyre Architects have completed two of the largest climate-controlled conservatories in the world, as the architectural centrepiece of Singapore’s new 54-hectare Bay South Garden, which is the first completed part of the spectacular Gardens by the Bay project and opens to the public on June 29th. Located in Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay is a key project in delivering the Singapore Government’s vision of transforming Singapore into a ‘City in a Garden’ and is expected to pull in five million visitors a year. At the heart of Bay South Garden is the Cooled Conservatory Complex designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, which is the focal point of the Gardens with the largest climate-controlled glasshouses in the world. The glass and steel cooled conservatories bring the climates and plant life of Mediterranean and Cloud Forest regions to tropical Singapore. Bay South is the largest garden at Gardens by the Bay and it stands at 54 hectares located next to the Marina Bay Sands.
This is a collection of 4 gardens that reflects the history and culture of Singapore’s main ethnic groups as well as the city-state’s colonial heritage. The second collection of gardens is based on the theme “Plants and Planet” and showcases the biodiversity of plant life on our planet. In addition to this collection of special gardens, the site includes a wide range of additional Garden attractions. Cane Garden Bay is located on the North side of Tortola just about midpoint from East and West ends of the island.
Water sports are plentiful for every enthusiest from Kayaking, Snorkeling, Paddle Boarding and Swimming.

The Callwood family runs the only rum distillery still operating in the British Virgin Islands a short walk from the beach at Cane Garden Bay. Admission to Callwood Rum Distillery is free, but if you want to take photos a small donation is required or or buy at least one bottle of rum and you should definitely ask about a narrative tour, which explains a bit of it’s history and the process of rum making.
Surfing has become very popular over the last 15 years in the British Virgin Islands And why not? Swimming, Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and Snorkeling are a few other activities available at Myett’s and Cane Garden Bay. If Snorkeling is your idea of spending an enjoyable afternoon, Cane Garden Bay is protected by the outer reef that is easily reachable from shore. You can find tropical palms swaying in the wind, crystal blue water, gleaming white sand, and a bright and sunny weather. If you want to try the favorite food in Cane Garden Bay, you should eat at Myett’s, Elm, and Quito’s.
Now the scheme has been shortlisted for two World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards, which is to be staged in Singapore for the first time next month (3-5 Oct 2012). They toured the Cloud Forest Cooled Conservatory, Supertrees Grove, planted a tree and met the design team. Gardens by the Bay is shortlisted for 2 World Architecture Festival Awards in the Completed Urban Landscape Design and Display categories. Grant Associates was responsible for master planning the first and largest of the three planned gardens, Bay South, which stretches over 54 hectares and opened in June 2012.
At a total of 101 hectares, the Gardens by the Bay project comprises three distinct waterfront gardens – Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central.
Highlights of the attraction include an indoor waterfall, a perpetually flowering meadow, cascading levels of vertical planting and high level walkways through and above the tree canopy. Masterplanned by UK-based landscape architecture firm Grant Associates, this lively and vibrant garden showcases the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry with a mass display of tropical flowers and coloured foliage and more. At night, these canopies come alive with lighting and projected media produced by Lighting Planners Associates. The study shows that, by applying the latest cooling technologies, the energy consumption for the Conservatory is comparable to that of an average commercial building in Singapore of the same footprint and height, normalised to a 24-hour cooling period. Together with mass flowering and coloured foliage landscape, they form a spectacle of colour and texture and fragrance within the Gardens, providing a mesmerising experience for visitors.
Each Garden explores the rich cultural significance of different plant species including their symbolism, religious significance, trade, food and medicinal uses etc. Different shapes of fronds and seeds, as well as the versatile use of palms are also highlighted in the garden. Stories include how plants have adapted to the specific environments such as low light levels and poor soil as well as the cycle of decomposition. There are stories about the form and function of flowers and fruits, why plants need flowers and fruits and the domestication of rainforest fruits. By providing visitors with a glimpse of the long time it took for the plant diversity we see today to evolve, it also draws a comparison with the accelerated rate of extinction caused by man.

The garden is lined by a 300m long colonnaded walkway providing shaded and dry connection across the site and by a display of Aerial Root pergolas displaying tropical climbing plants.
Cane Garden Bay is an active coumunity with both local residents as well as restaurants, bars and shops. Rental boats are also available for a day trip to other islands as well as water taxis should you want to leave the handling of the boat to the more experienced. Once known as Estate Arundel, the Callwood Rum Distillery still produces rum much the same way it was done 300 years ago still using sugarcane when others have moved into producing their rums with molasses. Wooden barrels filled with aging rum inside, and the building itself seems to have changed very little as well seemingly to keep it’s historic feel. During the winter months when the north swell arrives on our shores, the point on the eastern side of Cane Garden Bay serves up some world class right to left breaks which offers up some of the longest wave rides in all of the BVI. Grab your gear and take a leisurely swim to the reef and catch a view of some of the great sea life that lives here. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.
The place is picture perfect and you can’t help but wonder if the background is the one usually used in post cards. A week-long visit will not be enough to do all the things that you want to do in Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands. If you are craving for home-style food, you can go to Stanley’s which serves “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” Just the name will make your mouth water. The lake is lined by boardwalk and special aquatic gardens and a system of filter beds that are part of the water quality management for the site. During the day it is active with beach goers and by night, the local restaurant and clubs come alive with great food and live entertainment.
The point is a long ride and if you pick it up far out you’ll get a good 150-200 yard ride.
Paddle around the bay and enjoy a relaxing adventure as you cruise in and out of the yachts at anchor.
For the daytime beach goer there is plenty of shade and to cill back and sample a few cold libations, go for a swim and still the long beach from one end to the other. The waves may lose a little halfway where you can jump off and paddle back or ride it all the way.
For a little more excitement you will be lucky enough to catch the large Tarpon feeding on the small Fry fish. Surfing here puts riders to experience close encounters with the reef and there are rocks that you have to be cautious of running along the left on the breaks.

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