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This is the most recognized, all time favourite Bleedingheart conjuring up childhood memories of summers at Grandma's. This perennial adds elegance to the shade garden with its graceful arching stems of green leaves edged in creamy-white and tiny, dangling, white flowers that remind you of ballerina slippers each with tiny green tips, usually in clusters of four to a stem. That’s the beauty of having a living prophet and access to other scriptures that were revealed in this modern era.
Redemption is so “joyous” that all the suffering in the world (literally) is worth it? God created Adam and Eve out of nothing to be ignorant (lacked knowledge of good and evil). The Mormon version says that Jesus Christ had been prepared from before the foundation of the world because God knew that the spirits of Adam and Eve were imperfect (naturally imperfect) and God provides them with a way to be perfected in Jesus, but in order to learn they must gain experience with good and evil.
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Once flowering has finished the flowers are replaced with dark blue, almost black, berries. Unusual Dutchman’s Pipe flowers are brownish in colour and remain hidden underneath the leaves.
Although we try to represent the Church's teachings as accurately as possible, you can't hold the Church responsible for anything we say.
Native to Japan and Korea, it prefers rich moist soil where it is quite vigorous; it will spread much more slowly in dry shade. I can’t believe so many strong, decent hard-working men and women have fallen for this deceit. The fall is one of the saddest, beside Christ dying for our sins and rising again, it is the most pivotal point in history. We can all ask Jesus to intercede on our behalf so that we may pray to our amazing God, the creator of all things.

No temples, no secret ceremonies, no special underwear, nobody telling me to tithe, to give, to do anything but to accept the wondrous gift of Christ. All you who believe what a man said, Joseph Smith, you have all the made up garbage that comes with it. Because there are 14 million mormons or more who believe what Joseph Smith said, that means you have to believe all the other fiction he and others created a hundred and some odd years ago.

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