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All three areas of food microbiology-beneficial, spoilage, and pathogenic microbiology-are expanding and progressing at an incredible pace. What was once a simple process of counting colonies has become a sophisticated process of sequencing complete genomes of starter cultures and use of biosensors to detect foodborne pathogens. Capturing these developments, Fundamental Food Microbiology, Fifth Edition broadens coverage of foodborne diseases to include new and emerging pathogens as well as descriptions of the mechanism of pathogenesis. Written by experts with approximately fifty years of combined experience, the book provides an in-depth understanding of how to reduce microbial food spoilage, improve intervention technologies, and develop effective control methods for different types of foods. See What's New in the Fifth Edition: New chapter on microbial attachment and biofilm formation Bacterial quorum sensing during bacterial growth in food Novel application of bacteriophage in pathogen control and detection Substantial update on intestinal beneficial microbiota and probiotics to control pathogens, chronic diseases, and obesity Nanotechnology in food preservation Description of new pathogens such as Cronobacter sakazaki, E.

The chapters are presented in a logical sequence that connects the information and allow students to easily understand and retain the concepts presented. These features and more make this a comprehensive introductory text for undergraduates as well as a valuable reference for graduate level and working professionals in food microbiology or food safety.

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