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Helping to bridge the seven year gap between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy, the report highlights the opportunities to target the health concerns of the ageing population, subject to regional demand.
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In this report Euromonitor International examines the evolution of the regulatory processes and evaluates the first impact of the changing EFSA guidelines on the EU marketplace, showing a shift in marketing strategies based on food product claims from disease reduction to nutrition or no claims, and also highlighting where the new opportunities linked to EFSA's approved health claims lie.
Functional food and drink products targeted at preventing the deterioration of health or improving overall well-being have increased their presence over the last few years, but are still led by developed markets. With rising disposable incomes and greater awareness of products and particular ingredients that can maintain or improve health, growth in emerging countries is outpacing that in developed countries. China saw substantial growth of $11.6 billion in the health and wellness market over 2011-2012, but it is still those products targeted at general well-being that are driving growth. One of the reasons functional food and drink is, on the whole, accepted in regions such as Asia-Pacific and, increasingly, Latin America, is due to the high cultural acceptance of improving health through particular ingredients in food and drink.
To succeed in emerging markets it is important to ensure products are aligned with local taste preferences. There is plenty of opportunity for further investment in functional food and drink products with specific health positionings in emerging markets. The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect views held by Nutraceuticals World.
July 22, 2016Next stop is the White House, where it is expected that President Obama will sign the bill into law. June 10, 2016Collectively, industry contributed more than 750,000 jobs nationwide, according to economic report.

It explores how the utilisation of a range of functional ingredients could provide a means to return growth to certain health positionings, the performance of which has levelled off in recent years, including cardiovascular health, bone and joint health, brain health and vision health. As such, health and wellness remains as viable as ever, irrespective of broader economic concerns. Over 2007-2012, emerging markets researched within health and wellness saw absolute growth of $109 billion in current terms, double that seen in developed regions. However, chewing gum positioned for oral health and weight management beverages are some of the fastest growers. However, here it is weight management packaged food that dominates, led by brands from Nestlé and Herbalife.
This is linked strongly to those used in traditional herbal medicine practices, such as lingzhi and yerba maté. In Asia-Pacific, in particular, a number of the leading brands are local companies that understand not only which health trends resonate the most with consumers, but also the local taste preferences. They are set to see absolute growth of $23 billion by 2017, 40% greater than the growth forecast for developed markets.
Consumers around the world still demand viable health and wellness solutions of ever greater specificity, including gut health and immune system support, weight management, inner beauty and heart health. Retail sales are still dominated by products targeted at general well-being, with a share of 56%. Weight management beverages are, unsurprisingly, an area of great interest, and a lucrative one, as the percentage of the population aged over 15 who are overweight rose from 25% to 36% over 2006-2011.
Digestive health packaged food is also gaining momentum, dominated by Activia; but cardiovascular health packaged food products are not far behind.

Japan, for example, is far and away the largest market for beauty from within, as the functionality of the ingredients used is widely accepted. As these markets become more lucrative, multinationals are entering them and often building research centers in the country to become immersed in the region, allowing for more regional specific innovation. While weight management and digestive health will continue to do well, companies should move away from positioning their products simply on a general well-being platform, and focus on the specific benefits of their functional ingredients.
However, tightening regulations represent a significant stumbling block, in the near term at least, and further highlight the importance of solid science.
There are still opportunities aplenty within emerging markets, not just in China and Brazil but elsewhere in Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The market is dominated by local brands, with Master Kong from Ting Hsin International Group and Uni-President from Uni-President Enterprises Corp leading the way. This trend is taking off in other Asia-Pacific and Latin American countries, but consumers remain very skeptical in Western Europe and Latin America. For example, Nestlé and PepsiCo have recently opened centers in India and China, respectively, and Unilever has one in Brazil.
For example, other prime positionings linked to a rise in diet-related chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular health, those linked to immune support or even those targeted at an aging population, such as bone and joint health, have the potential to be successful. In order to succeed, companies need to innovate by looking at which health trends are doing well, focusing on local consumers and differentiating themselves from their competitors.

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