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With the Global Food Safety Initiative, the quality of poly touching a customer’s product is more important than ever.
PPC industries’ plants are certified in ISO 9001-2008 and our Pleasant Prairie plant has additionally been certified in FSSC 22000, which is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. Certification Scheme for Food Safety Systems including ISO 22000:2005 and FSSC 22000-4 and additional FSSC 22000 requirements. The FFSC - Foundation For Food Safety Certification developed the standard FSSC 22000 - Food Safety System Certification, a food product certification scheme for the food processing industry, based on ISO 22000, ISO 22003 and the technical specifications of PRPs - Prerequisite programs in the food sector (ISO TS 22002-1 and PAS 223). Inclusion of ISO 22000 requirements, allowing the certification according to both standards. A FFSC – Foundation For Food Safety Certification, desenvolveu o referencial FSSC 22000 – Food Safety System Certification, um esquema de certificacao de produtos alimentares para a industria de transformacao de produtos alimentares, baseado nas normas ISO 22000, ISO 22003 e nas especificacoes tecnicas dos PPRs - Programas de Pre-Requisitos (ISO TS 22002-1 e PAS 223). Este esquema de certificacao foi reconhecido pelo GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiative, sendo assim o 7? referencial aprovado (BRC, IFS, GLOBALGAP - Frutas e Vegetais opcao 1 e 2, DUTCH HACCP, SQF 1000 e SQF 2000).
E organizacoes que processem ou fabriquem embalagens para contacto direto ou indireto com os alimentos.

Se a organizacao ja for certificada ISO 22000, pode obter a certificacao FSSC 22000 por um organismo aprovado se cumprir os requisitos adicionais. A FFSC - Foundation for Food Safety Certification foi fundada em 2004, responsavel pelo desenvolvimento de esquemas de certificacao como o FSSC 22000, ISO22000 e PAS220, para o sector alimentar. Constant market evolution on a global scale, ongoing technological developments and growing customer demands support the necessity of process-oriented quality management systems.
In a world of constant and rapid change, sustainable development challenges are a priority for every organization and environmental performance becomes inseparable from organizational management.. Efficient management of energy should be an organizational priority, not only because of the significant potential for cost reduction, but also for its role in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.
Ever since the industrial revolution, the objective for all organizations is to be able to implement their business plans successfully and without disruption. In advanced societies knowledge is the foundation of wealth creation and research and development a cornerstone of this knowledge creation.
The Management Systems Audit is a key tool for management systems conformity assessment and is used to identify opportunities for improvement.

As a primary packaging component, poly bags, liners and sheeting must qualify as food grade, so they are acceptable for our clients to send product to their customers.
This certification is applicable for manufacturing of extruded blown film packaging of direct and indirect food contact in the food industry. E aplicavel a todas as organizacoes de producao alimentar nestas categorias, independentemente da sua dimensao e complexidade, com fins lucrativos ou nao, publicas ou privadas. Estes desenvolvimentos foram acompanhados e avaliados pela CIAA – Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the European Union. Auditor competence and performance is fundamental if the tool is to be used to its full potential. Os esquemas desenvolvidos sao submetidos ao GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiative, para analise e reconhecimento.?A responsabilidade e a autoridade sobre os esquemas de certificacao e de uma equipa de trabalho constituida pelos intervenientes mais relevantes da cadeia de fornecimento (retalhistas, industria, associacoes representativas, etc).

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