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Maybe it’s simply because everybody has high hopes and expectations for the coming year. CAUTION: It is possible that we can become so consumed with productivity that we become imbalanced and intemperate. Now that we have a clear understanding of the necessity and spirit of setting goals, let’s focus on a few tools for effective goal-setting.
Also, in an effort to be careful to not become too consumed with work and church, set goals for your family and personal life as well. Use all the available vacation time allowed for reconnecting and recreation with loved ones. Help position 5 families on the path to homeownership and 10 families on the path to emotional and relational healing through professional therapeutic care. Preach at least 4 sermons dealing directly with the value of professional therapeutic care. Hopefully, by sharing some of my own goals for this coming year they help you and your church clarify what it is that you need to accomplish and how you’ll approach them. Looking for a positive note in Chelsea’s attempt at a title retention so far is a fairly thankless task.
The Blues won the league at a canter last year, not even playing incredibly well in the closing few months of the campaign, and many expected a similar theme to appear this time around, even if the incredible spending of the two Manchester clubs made the dominance of last season unlikely. Chronic underperforming has pervaded the Chelsea squad, with the unplayable figures of Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa and Eden Hazard playing at a level not congruous with a team crowned champions a matter of months ago. WIllian is the only Chelsea player to have scored more than one goal in the league this season. Well, he has the unexpected bright light of the campaign so far, in the shape of 27-year-old Brazilian Willian, whose tireless efforts on the pitch have been completely at odds with the performances of his colleagues. When Chelsea pipped Tottenham Hotspur to the signing of the then Anzhi Makhachkala midfielder, the ?30 million price tag (fee via BBC) had many curiously excited to see the then 25-year-old in action. It would be an exaggeration to say that the Brazilian has disappointed, but his work for the club has been less that of explicit superstardom and more that of diligent hard work. Willian’s first season at Chelsea was fruitful but lacked goals, he is looking like amending that this time around. Willian’s highest goal tally in the league came in his first season in London with a return of just four – half that of his Brazilian teammate Oscar and 10 fewer than golden boy Eden Hazard.
There are, also, few players more dangerous on a break than Willian, with his speed and eye for a quick pass proving deadly for Chelsea on many occasions, even if it isn’t him that eventually finishes the move. Pedro started brightly but has since dropped off and perhaps against the odds it is now Willian that could rescue Mourinho from the guillotine at Chelsea.
With four free-kicks in five games for Chelsea and two goals in one half for Brazil over the international break, it seems that Willian has found his shooting boots. If you see a comment not adhering to rules 1 & 2 please email [email protected] and this comment will be reviewed by a member of the Squawka editorial team. This comment section is here to let football fans talk about football, not to allow people to sell or push products. You must not insert links to websites or submit content which would be an infringement of copyright. Please respect these rules when commenting on Squawka News; people will disagree from time to time but please try to see each other's point of view before getting all worked up, that helps no one.
Nowadays, we can do almost anything on a smart phone: send emails, play games, and even watch movies.
From 14th – 21st May 2016, Burrswood Boot Camp will focus on the wellbeing of each individual attending our program. If you have the determination to follow my lead for the next 10 weeks you will be well on your way to a fitter healthier future.
With a recent publication in a local magazine, did you know the most common questions being asked to a fitness trainer?

A – This depends on the individual as we all respond differently to nutrition and exercise.
A – HIIT classes and methods are an excellent way to rapidly improve overall fitness from muscular strength to aerobic capacity. A – When we exercise microscopic tears occur in the muscle as they move and contract which can lead to stiffness and muscle soreness.
A – Working with a personal trainer has many benefits the most obvious being the convenience of having a professional come to your home at a time that suits you for weekly exercise sessions.
I started training with Henry in April this year (2015), as my weight had soared from a poor diet and years of inactivity. Personal Trainer Henry Adekoya encouraged Keven Wright of Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells to take part in his new diet and exercise plan, and the challenge was to loose 2 stone over a 10 week period. I will be introducing the amazing weight loss plan in the autumn in Tunbridge Wells  so more people can benefit from this successful weight loss plan and exercise plan and achieve the extraordinary in just 10 weeks.
If you would like to manage you weight and be guided through a successful, easy to follow, no nonsense weight loss plan with a cash back incentive for success then look no further! Kevin now has the knowledge, confidence and fitness levels to set new targets for himself for this Autumn. Maybe it’s because we pray that the struggles and suffering of last year would not be transferred into the new year. If you haven’t already written out your goals for 2016, I have developed a goal writing worksheet to help you along this process. Even the unwavering, coldly efficient performances of Nemanja Matic in Chelsea’s engine room have dropped off and the side look disenchanted and devoid of direction.
Premature speculation that Mourinho has lost the Chelsea dressing room are rife and with the dejected look of some of the players on the pitch, it is understandable why.
With three being the midfielder’s highest assist return for a season, it would be understandable to question why he is so valuable considering his ostensibly attacking role.
Seemingly infinite in stamina, Willian bounds around the penalty area with fervent enthusiasm, chasing down lost balls and acting with slightly less grace, but slightly more assertiveness than his more statistically prolific teammates. The Chelsea board have pledged their support for the manager and if the Chelsea hierarchy should have learned anything, it is that faith in Mourinho is wide-spread amongst fans and that chopping and changing management causes chaos.
All the good will in the world can only extend to cover so many defeats and the manager will need players like Willian – and, somewhat surprisingly, Ramires – to keep inspiring results, or saving Chelsea from disaster, if he is to steady the ship and quell the rising tide of uncertainty. Please refrain from insulting other users, everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because you shout the loudest, doesn't make you more correct or valid in your point of view. Have you already begun making resolutions for all the grand things you want to do, be, and see in 2014?
And they never add any preservatives, colors or artificial flavors. Read our bloggers' posts and find fun beverage recipes you can serve this summer!
Though procrastination frequently permeates most college campuses, it is up to us to overcome our own habitual idleness. Our program, delivered in conjunction with Physique Fitness Training, provides a unique combination of exercises to suit your current fitness level, informative educational discussions and the correct nutrition. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Burrswood, we have a professional compassionate team with decades of experience to help our clients reach their health and fitness goals. On my 10 week plan you will receive a personal program that you will be carefully guided through, allowing you to progress in a safe and effective manner.
During the 90’s we were all led to believe that low intensity activities were best for burning body fat together with low fat food products. A personal trainer will provide an exercise program that is tailored to your needs which you will not experience in a group class.
Henry introduced me to his 10 week diet and exercise plan so I could lose weight and increase my fitness.
10 weeks on and several personal training sessions later I’m sure you will agree the fantastic transformation Kevin has achieved.

We know that we will always have challenges and difficulty, yet we are hopeful that the new year will bring with it blessing and prosperity that might be more bountiful than that of the hardship. Not simply more for the sake of more: more members, more education, more money, more accomplishments, etc. The Portuguese manager’s career has been built on players that will run through walls for him, so when they stop performing, what does he have? By staying active in our studies, exercising regularly, and taking care of our bodies, we will be able to look and feel our best.
Our program is designed to give you the knowledge, the self-esteem, the confidence to move forward and with this new understanding, possess the tools necessary to lead a healthier life. With my experience training hundreds of clients over a 20 year period I believe you have the perfect mentor for success. In the last 6 years that train of thought has turned flipside with the emergence of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes and training methods and new nutritional techniques. Our muscles will adapt to regular exercise (grow stronger) and as a result the soreness will disperse. I was very determined to succeed and with henrys expert guidance, after just a week my weight started to fall.
As a pastor, author, teacher and church resource developer who is passionate about the spiritual growth process, he works tirelessly to develop tools to aid pastors and parishioners alike. The explosive movements from the exercises put a great deal of stress on the muscles and joints, which can lead to injury.  In addition poor technique can be overlooked in a class situation, and if not corrected, can also lead to injury.
With weekly sessions of varied strength & endurance and cardio fitness exercises, and sticking strictly to my diet plan after 4 weeks I had lost almost a stone! Seeing as I love, love, love setting goals, I’ve tried to rein myself in this year and just stick to a few simple, very achievable things that I genuinely think will make for a happier me in the year ahead. When individuals have high fitness levels their workout output is generally greater when they exercise.
If the soreness is delayed this would suggest performing new exercises which muscles have not yet adapted to.
Full of motivation his weekly weigh day kept me focused, and Henrys PT sessions increased in intensity to complement my new levels of fitness.
Beginners should perform a conditioning program targeting major muscle groups integrated with aerobic exercises that will progress fitness levels over a 3 – 5 week period. In other words, objectives are like the baby steps to help you reach the finish line of your goals.
The more calories burnt per workout the more body fat you can lose overall.  This ethos coupled with a good nutritional plan will yield great physical results. When individuals have a good base level of fitness your body will be more suited to start HIIT classes and methods. In case it inspires you, here’s what I’m striving to do over the next 365 days and beyond…Professionally speaking… This year, I really want to push myself to get my work out there more. I would recommend Henry’s diet and exercise plan to anyone wishing to lose weight and improve their health and fitness.
Personally speaking… Firstly, I plan to make time at least once a month for my hubby and I to go out for dinner with friends in LA. This is to say, I have long suspected that most normal, highly functioning adults belong to a secret society that lets them in on precious insights about the business of life, like the best times to shower, grocery shop, or vacuum without scaring their dogs half to death. Although I don’t expect an invite from this society anytime soon, I’m determined to revamp my closet, hang clocks above my bathtub, and follow every other life hack possible until I feel like an honorary member.As I work toward my goals, I will be sure to let you know if I learn any secrets that I think you would like. If you want more inspiration, here’s some food for thought about the golden rules of making goals, setting simple goals, mid-year goals, and laid-back resolutions.

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