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We at Caravel Trading are a UK-based import-export agency concerned with the supply of gourmet and speciality foods, beverages and associated products to the retail, catering and hotel trades throughout the UK and EU.
Deliciously balanced fruit vinegar for special occasions or to make all dressingS special. Alan has used his multi award winning historic Roman and Ancient Greek vinagres as the base in which to add and blend soft fruit flavours such as Raspberry, Strawberry, Passion fruit and Blackcurrant.
Raspberries have been traced as far back as the Palaeolithic cave dwellers and the fruit has been part of the human diet ever since, although raspberry canes were not developed until the 4th century AD. It was King Edward Ist who was accredited with encouraging the cultivation of raspberries throughout England during the 13th century. In terms of Raspberry vinegar, Alan has traced it back to at least four generations within his own family that made it every year as a way of preserving the delicious flavours of the summer fruit for the winter months. Like many people in the Nottingham and Derbyshire area where he was bought up they would add a little of the vinegar over a Yorkshire pudding with a little dusting of sugar and eat it as a dessert , this recipe was used by Alan in his “Ready in Minutes” cookbook back in 2005. Over green salads as a fruity dressing, smoked meat salad such as duck or smoked quail, or add a splash to a bowl of fresh fruit salad to intensify the fruity flavour.
A book published in 1931 acclaimed strawberries to be one of the first tooth whiteners and it recommended strawberries be held on the tooth for 5 mins to remove all stains and discolouration, it also suggested a cut strawberry rubbed over the face after washing would whiten the skin and remove sunburn. Blackcurrants were in cultivation in Russia in the 11th century when it was present in monastery gardens and also grown in towns and settlements.

Alan decided to use Passion fruit to produce gourmet Passion fruit vinegar as it has so many complex flavours, sweet, sour notes with an intense fruitiness that allows you to play and incorporate it with both sweet and savoury dishes.
Well I mentioned the great Heinz vinegar coupon yesterday and many of you can stock up on vinegar for free this week.
This is an incredibly diverse product and it is a great all natural cleaner for tons of different things. I buy vinegar in bulk usually at Costco because it really is incredibly handy to have on hand. I agree completely (love the strawberry tip!) and would add that vinegar is fantastic as an overall cleaner.
I have just stopped going to FB I just do not have the time to go through all that is posted. It is a member of the rose family and one of the only fruits to have its pips on the outside. Cultivation in Europe is thought to have started around late 17th century. During World War II, most fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, became almost impossible to obtain within the UK.
Soak the strawberries and then put them on a dish towel or in a colander to dry completely.

They are packed with vitamin C; in fact just 6 strawberries contain as much vitamin C than an entire orange. Since blackcurrants are a rich source of vitamins and suitable for growing in the UK climate, the British Government encouraged their cultivation and from 1942 onwards, blackcurrant syrup was distributed free to children under the age of two. I use in dishwasher rinse compartment to prevent spotting on dishes since I have hard well water and it also cleans your dishwasher and washing machine during rinse cycle.
This needless to say may have given rise to the lasting popularity of blackcurrant as flavouring in Britain.
It may also account for the fact that during the development and testing of my vinegar at food shows, it has sold out within two hours of launch!

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