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If you have a peanut allergy, then you can always substitute the peanut M&M's for jelly beans, gumdrops or sour balls.
To add a little depth, attach each consecutive strip slightly higher than the previous strip so that the rows of petals can fan out and be seen better. If you want to keep and use the flowers later, then they can be stored in a parchment paper-lined container in the refrigerator. Use your edible flowers on brownies or chocolates by attaching them with a dab of frosting. Using a clean pair of scissors, cut the Fruit Roll-Ups into 4 equal strips approximately 1 inch wide.

Continue adding and overlapping each strip, starting where the other stops, until all 4 are attached. Once all 4 strips are attached, gently press the petals out to flatten and open the flower. For an alternate petal shape, make straight cuts in each Fruit Roll-Ups strip with scissors, and attach them to the peanut M&M's in the same way as steps 4 and 5. If desired, use the Fruit Roll-Ups flowers for decorative toppers on all kinds of desserts. Growing up, her favorite book was the 1973 World Book Encyclopedia's Childcraft Volume 11, Make and Do.

Eat them one by one, or make a big, beautiful bouquet, and use them as colorful dessert toppers on cupcakes, brownies, cakes and chocolate squares.
An easy, no-bake option is to attach them to chocolate candy bars, like Snickers Peanut Butter Squares or Ghirardelli Squares, with just a little dab of frosting.

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