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You get twelve biscuits in each pack, and thanks to the packaging we found them in immaculate condition - looking perfectly baked and inviting. The biscuit part of a fruit roll is, like with a fig roll, a sort of golden shortbread with a nice crunch. These are not listed as vegan on the United Biscuits website, due to the possibility of dairy contamination from the shared line. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This information is supplied to assist our customers to select suitable products however products and their ingredients are liable to change at short notice. By Cynthia Landrie Leave a Comment Pin9 Share Yum5 Stumble +1 Tweet RedditShares 14Cinnamon fruit biscuits are an easy breakfast to make for your family when you are short on time.

Cinnamon Fruit Biscuits - an easy breakfast   Save Print An easy recipe for breakfast or a snack.
I hope you will try this recipe, as I stated earlier, you can easily change this up using your families favorite jams or leave the jam off. Fig rolls are less sweet and the filling is more substantial, but if you prefer something less figgy, these should hit the spot.
Times are hard, money's tight, but you may have been put off cheap soya milk from a bad experience.
Here, you'll find lots of fun kid crafts, activities and family recipes that I hope will make you smile. The strawberry filling is the sweeter tasting, but also the most natural tasting - it's just like strawberry jam.

No matter what I request of you, you always come back wit… Read moreAnita – ACERWords will not adequately convey just what a difference you make!
I love to scour recipe books for great recipes and then remake them to fit in my $5.00 dinner guidelines. The apple filling is less sweet, but not quite as natural tasting - it tastes a bit like apple flavoured sweets do.

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