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One batch of vents were blessed with dark chocolate chantilly, then topped with bruleed bananas, crushed peanuts, and a little chocolate sauce. I didn’t know that passion fruit puree was the unicorn of the food world — often talked about but never seen. This trio can be found at the hardware store, costs around $20, and makes the most evenly golden, snap-with-a-spoon crust on all your brulee-like desserts.
Scrape this into a pastry bag fitted with a star tip and pipe into you vols-au-vents, building it up with a spiral motion. Now assemble a plate: grab a filled vols-au-vent, pour a couple of spoonfuls of chocolate sauce on and around, slide the bananas on to the plate using an offset spatula, and sprinkle the whole thing with some chopped, salted peanuts. Follow the recipe for the lemon curd, but substitute passion fruit puree for the lemon juice. Drop the leaves into the boiling water, and allow them to blanch until just wilted, about 30 seconds. Good to see you and if you ever want to cry on someone’s shoulder, I’ve always got cookies! Liz—You’re going to be sorry you offered, because I’ll cry just to get cookies! I completely have been in your shoes to the reason of your absence and absolutely feel your pain. I had a career going in advertising when one day I got the crazy idea to start over and become a pastry chef.

You can also use it to brown up a meringue topping, add some color to a gratin, or weld your jewelry. Pour the heavy cream, corn syrup and oil into a microwave-proof cup and nuke until almost boiling (you might be able to see it gurgling in the cup), about 45 seconds.
Run the flame  about 3″ above the bananas in a smooth, steady motion until the sugar is completely melted and you reach the desired color.
I worked in a fine pastry shop for about a year and caramelized many a creme brulee with the blue propane torches! Maybe a trip to South America with lots of dulce de leche and alfajores can help you… =) Give me a call ! I made these this weekend (I used store bought puff pastry, though) and it came out wonderfully delicious. These days, it’s next to impossible to drag myself up to brush my teeth, let alone bake, so this site has taken a minor hit during my recovery from broken heartedness and general upheaval.
Last we spoke, I was making puff pastry for the Daring Bakers Challenge and was gearing up to tell you about the fillings. If made with store bought puff pastry, it appears to have taken days of slaving away, but really needs less attention than an episode of Survivor. The other filling is a passion fruit curd with a smattering of pineapple dice and a drizzle of mint syrup. I think they are designed for the feeble who own 2-pound dogs and can barely lift their house keys. We, however, had a nozzle with a trigger lighting system and a lovely fine-tune flame adjuster that could get the flame really small and blue, or giant and orange and everything in between.

Thanks to the wonders of marathon television and weeks of laying about like an invalid, I’m ready to dust myself off and get back to it. You’d think there would be passion fruit puree squirting out of every corner bodega around these progressive parts.
I would probably be nervous about that blow torch but you do make it sound approachable and those bananas look awesome. If ever I manage to get up enough ambition to make creme brulee or flame anything else (those torches are also useful for keeping chocolate ganache semi-liquid when used to heat the bottom of a metal bowl), I am so buying one of those suckers. Even another has now come and gone (dangnabbit, I was really looking forward to those french macaroons. This set-up is the standard at restaurant kitchens and for good reason — it works fast and gets results every time.
Apparently, New Yorkers are too blase about their passion fruit puree for anyone to consider stocking it.
After some unfruitful trips to local specialty food shops, I had to go so far as consulting google.

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