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It’s a perfect time to introduce your baby to a range of fresh fruit and vegetables when they begin to eat solids. Add a little breast milk, formula or cooking liquid to pureed fruits and vegetables to achieve the desired consistency to suit your baby. Gradually increase the thickness and texture of fruit and vegetable purees as your baby learns to chew. Some babies may be very fussy about eating new foods but don’t give up try again at another time. To begin, try your baby on simple pumpkin, carrot and potato or kumara (orange sweet potato) puree.
Fresh vegetables are colourful, packed with natural goodness and loaded with beneficial vitamins. For breakfast or a snack, spread wholemeal toast or muffins with creamed cottage cheese and mashed avocado. Offer lightly steamed vegetables like carrot sticks or broccoli florets as finger food. Make a hearty vegetable soup like minestrone, chicken, vegetable & noodle or corn chowder for your toddler.
Please note, avoid offering strawberries until your baby is 12 months of age as some babies have a reaction to strawberries. Stir naturally sweet finely chopped banana, berries, mango or pawpaw or strawberries (depending on age) through yoghurt or custard. Make a fresh fruit compote by simmering a range of fresh fruits like sliced rhubarb, blueberries, apple and strawberries (depending on age) in water or juice until tender.

I realized I haven't done a new puree recipe for a while so I've been experimenting lately with a few new ideas. Mangoes are considered a "super fruit" because they're packed with vitamin C, dietary fiber and more.
Milne creates high quality 100% all natural and pure fruit purees, a pulp or paste made from the fleshy part of the fruit. Puree Process Milne produces fruit purees in NFC (Not From Concentrate) and concentrate, which are described as follows. Puree NFC (Not From Concentrate): The fruit is processed (heat treated and sieved) to remove the skin (and usually the seeds) of the fruit and then finished through screens to a specified consistency or smoothness.
Puree Concentrate: The fruit is processed (heat treated and sieved) to remove the skin (and usually the seeds) of the fruit and then finished through screens to a specified consistency or smoothness. Puree ApplicationsPurees are ideal for pastry fillings, smoothies, yogurts, breakfast bars and many other applications and bring colorful fruit identity and robust taste these products. PackagingMilne offers a variety of non-aseptic packaging for puree concentrates and Not From Concentrate (NFC) in pails, drums, totes, and by the tank truck. Nothing beats nutritious, home-made baby food bursting with wholesome fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Team fresh vegetables with other ingredients like chicken or meat once the simple purees are accepted and expand the range of vegetables offered. Avoid offering strawberries until your baby is 12 months old as some babies have a severe reaction to strawberries. Try them separately, and as baby accepts the flavours gradually introduce your baby to a range of vegetables in various combinations.

Include peeled and deseeded rockmelon, honeydew melon or watermelon wedges, kiwifruit and mango.
When Kenya was a baby, I used to love giving him all kinds of different purees like mango, kiwi and papaya. Kiwis are also a rich source of vitamin C, potassium (by weight, they have almost as much as bananas), vitamin A and E. The day I made this puree my husband and Kenya wanted dessert after dinner, so I pulled it out. I have just bookmarked your site, when can free up some time I will have to have to do some thorough browsing of your site.
The solution is depectinized, filtered and evaporated under vacuum to a specified Brix level, usually folded two to seven times the original Brix value.
Aseptic packaged products are ready-to-use – no thawing required and available in a wide variety of sizes including bag-in-box, drums and totes. He was always game for all of them, so I find it funny that I never thought about blending them together.
Papayas, in addition to being rich in vitamins, promote good digestive health which can be incredibly important for babies little tummies. I don't know if you could find a baby food packed with more nutrition than this tropical fruit puree.

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