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Rockstar Fruit Punch mit dem einzigartigen Geschmack tropischer Früchte und dem typischen Rockstar Energy-Kick!
Wenn Sie in unserem Shop ein Benutzerkonto einrichten, werden Sie schneller durch den Bestellvorgang gefuhrt, konnen mehrere Versandadressen speichern, Ihren bisherigen Bestellablauf verfolgen und vieles mehr. I will say that it's been fairly hard NOT to see this can, they even have this drink in the wine room at my local grocery store that was once stocked with so many energy drinks that my at-the-time energy drink amateur self didn't know what to do.
Not to sound like I'm from 1976 or anything, but I'd describe the taste of this drink as "solid". Many of my friends in the energy drink review game share something with this can and refer to the effect you get from an energy drink as a "kick".
I've been busy lately, and just honestly felt like taking a break from the energy drink game.

Maybe it's the fact that I've had over 100 different energy drinks, or the fact that I've had fruit punch a lot before, but this drink tasted EXACTLY like I thought it would.
For some reason, I've always called it a buzz, and upon drinking this I was excited to see what kind of buzz I would get. Fear not, as this is isn't the first time that I've done this and probably not the last either. Nonetheless, today we're going to check out an energy drink that I first saw in a TV commercial. I kind of like the vertical design of the can, and I think that it looks fairly modern and all in all nice.
It's kind of mild which is nice, I don't think the average persons lips would pucker up when drinking this (I'm sitting here drinking an original Monster right now with ease, the same drink that my girlfriend says is way too sour, so don't take my word for it). There are also drinks that have no effect, and you could probably go to sleep after drinking, and a few drinks I've had that made me want to smash myself into walls while listening to Kenny G or Cat Stevens.

It's made by Mountain Dew (obviously) but isn't Amp, which is the energy drink that comes to mind when I think of Mountain Dew.
It's always been my opinion that reviewing cans is somewhat boring (unless they're awful, then it's my favorite part of the review). I'm not sure if this is technically supposed to be an energy drink, but it's marketed like one because I know that the commercial says something about the "kick" (buzz) this drink provides. It's also a fruit punch flavor, which is a flavor that was once rare on this site but now fairly common. I've had this drink 2 or 3 times and it honestly does provide a nice little boost of energy.

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