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According to Davidson, the flower of the Passiflora edulis was known by Spanish missionaries as the Flor de las cinco lagas (flower of the five wounds) because it illustrated the crucifixion of Christ (Davidson).A  Hence, the name passion fruit was originated. As for the yellow passion fruit, it is less tolerant of the cold and requires tropical growing conditions.A  It has gained relative interest in Australia as a commercial crop and has been embraced much more enthusiastically in Venezuela and Hawaii (Morton). Links to other websites are provided for your convenience and those other sites are owned by third parties. Also called “maracuja,” passion fruit comes from the passion flower plant, which is native to South America and Africa, though it now also grows in Australia and Hawaii.
Passion fruit oil comes from the seeds of the fruit, and is typically yellow to vibrant yellow in color. If you have mature or acne-prone skin, passion fruit oil may help stabilize your skin so your beauty can shine through.
Scientifically called Passiflora edulis, passionflower is also known as purple granadilla in South Africa. A climbing vine that grows on things it can grab with its tendrils, passionflower likes well-drained, fertile soils and good moisture. Anti-cancer: Researchers at the University of Florida found that yellow passion fruit extracts killed cancer cells in the laboratory. Asthma: A 2008 study by Watson and colleagues found that consuming the purple passion fruit peel extract can reduce asthma symptoms.
Osteoarthritis: Patients suffering from osteoarthritis who were given purple passion fruit peel extract experienced reduced pain and stiffness. Passion fruits have also been used to reduce depression or anxiety, relieve pain and inflammation, enhance libido, and treat urinary tract infections. Protection: As mentioned above, passion fruit helps protect against cancer-causing agents, both by deterring their growth and by protecting from DNA-damaging free radicals. Anti-aging: Because of the high vitamin C and antioxidant content, passion fruit oil helps slow the damage that leads to the appearance of aging, and also helps preserve collagen and elastin, which keep skin looking firm and youthful.
Rejuvenating: Passion fruit oil is also a great source of vitamin A in the form of carotenoids, which is critical for cell growth and repair. Plumping: A high content of fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acids “feed” the skin what it needs to maintain its structure, keeping skin smooth and plump looking and helping to fend off the appearance of fine lines.
Calming: Like most plant-sourced ingredients, passion fruit oil has an anti-inflammatory property. I added passion fruit oil to both of these products, where it helps moisturize, protect, and rejuvenate all at once, while also stabilizing oil production in acne-prone skin.
Farid R, “Oral intake of purple passion fruit peel extract reduces pain and stiffness and improves physical function in adult patients with knee osteoarthritis.,” Nutr Res.
Here is a detailed description of the passion fruit along with its plants, flowers and leaves. The purple variety of passion fruit bears its origin in southern parts of Brazil via Paraguay till northern parts of Argentina.
Let us find out how much nutrition does every 100 gm of fresh passion fruit give our health. The fruit also develops resistance power in the body against proinflammatory free radicals. The vitamins and flavonoids contain in this fruit protects oral cavity and lungs from cancer. Potassium content in passion fruit is helpful in regulating heart rate and controlling blood pressure level. The simple sugar and carbohydrate contents in this fruit make it a good choice for athletes. The fruit might contain somniferous properties and thus relaxes the body as well as mind while eaten before bed time. Due to the high soluble fiber content in it, this fruit is good to include in weight loss diet.
The oil works great to nourish hair and enhance the texture as well as increase the volume. Even being a very nutritious fruit still it might induce some side effects or allergy symptoms. Some people might face some uncomfortable health conditions after consuming passion fruit or any of its extract products if they are extremely sensitized.
Under normal circumstances also, one should not eat a large amount o this fruit as that can cause stomach upset. Avoid consuming this fruit or any of its extract products if you are allergic to any of the nutrients content in the fruit.

One has to choose the variety of passion fruit vine they want to grow depending on the climate they live in. Store the ripe passion fruits in a dry fruit basket and place it in a dark, cool place for 2-3 days maximum. This fruit is one of the most popular fruits in the world and finds its place in snacking items as well as beverages.
Passion fruit juice is consumed as one of the most popular fruit juices, fresh and processed.
The fruit also finds its place in cooking stews in some cultures, given its health beneficiary qualities. This extremely healthy and nutritious fruit is widely used on edible and medicinal grounds. The fruit is also consumed as a kitchen remedy aid for recovering from any ailment since it improves immunity. Popular in gourmet cooking, passion fruit is used in many desserts, including mousses and creme brulee. The fruit has also been used in traditional medicine, and it is believed by many to have hundreds of medicinal properties. I found what I thought looked and smelled like passion fruit on my bike ride in Charlotte, NC along the greenway. One of the boys in the neighborhood brought me a seed pod that they found along the river bank. A wonderful source of fiber, passion fruit is considered beneficial for digestive health, with recent research showing it may be helpful for patients with asthma. Because of the nutrients in the oil as well as the fatty acids and antioxidants, it is now used as a nourishing moisturizer in skin care, and is particularly beneficial for those with aging, acne-prone, or mature skin. The fruit itself is round to oval, and either yellow or dark purple when ripe, with a soft, juicy interior filled with seeds.
The pulp is typically pressed through a strainer and bottled, then often used in combination with other fruit juices, or to make jams, syrups, and butters. They theorized that the carotenoids and polyphenols—powerful antioxidants—were responsible for the anti-cancer action.
Results showed that those who took the extract experienced a 75 percent reduction in wheezing. Because the fruit is high in fiber (27% daily intake in one fruit), it may also help stabilize digestive issues. Among these are vitamins A and C, essential fatty acids, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and carotenoids.
A number of phytochemicals in the oil help the body produce vitamin A, which also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s the perfect moisturizer for all skin types, and works well for acne-prone skin as well because of its non-clogging moisturizing action. Advice and recommendations given in this website or in personal consultation by phone, email, in-person, online coaching, or otherwise, is at the reader's sole discretion and risk. It is also grown in Australia, Bolivia, Caribbean, Columbia, Costa Rica, East Africa, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ecuador, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Israel, Peru, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Portugal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, United States and Philippines.
Black knight, paul ecke, frederick, kahuna, purple giant and red rover are the cultivars that are grown under the purple variety. Commercially, it is grown in Brazil, the Caribbean, Australia, Africa and some areas of the southern United States. Its natural chemicals are used to lower blood pressure, control muscle spasms, and treat asthma. If you are familiar with the Indian states in Sikkim, they do the wide scale farming, where for $1 you can buy 60 fruits. Possibly you'll have a tropical passion fruit growers (or a general fruit growers) association in your area and you can ask them for advice. Generally they need relatively warm, sheltered conditions, lots of room for roots and something to grow along. The taste is reported to be pleasantly sweet and tart, and is used in juices and fruit preserves. Large deep-green leaves provide a dense covering, with stems that are tinged with purples and reds. Read all about this delicious fruit that is consumed throughout the world in edible and commercial ways. Length of the leaves between 3 and 8 inches and are very glossy on the upper side but quite pale green colored underneath side.

The fruit and its many of its cultivars are now grown in various parts of the world as well as exported to the parts where it cannot be grown due to unfavorable climatic or soil condition.
Scoop out the pulp with a spoon and if desired then separate the seeds out or one can eat the pulp with the tiny seeds itself. Along with the flowers, the fruit is known for its sweet smelling fragrance, and because of this, it's sometimes added to food simply to enhance its aroma. Because of the beauty of its flowers and the high demand for the fruit, the plants have been successfully cultivated in native as well as non-native areas.
The fruit and its leaves also work as a sedative, helping to induce sleep and calm nervousness or other mood disorders. This stuff grows wild in my pasture in Central Florida and a visiting friend educated me about it. Passion fruit is really versatile and the people who love it really adore it (although it seems quite polarizing. Right now, there are at least three prune-sized, green fruits (smooth-skinned) on the vine.
The vine bears greenish-white fragrant flowers about three inches wide, with a white-petal base and vivid purple streaked and dotted center.
Information presented on this website is not to be interpreted as kind of attempt to prescribe or practice medicine.
Press the pulp with a flexible spatula in two way direction till al the pulp is squeezed through the strainer and only the seeds remain.
Juice, punch, liqueurs and cocktails have a tropical flair when it's used as an ingredient. Research has suggested that passion fruit extracts may kill cancer cells in developing fetuses.
I know a few people who can't stand the stuff as well). I've heard you can simply freeze the pulp with very little preparation and it will keep for months as well.
Unless it's been preserved somehow, you've only got a limited time to get rid of it before it becomes a complete loss. These statements and information have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Sur 400 varietes existantes seulement une trentaine sont comestibles et tres peu commercialisees. This extract can be refrigerated and used in many dishes to add flavor of even consumed as fruit juice. Passion fruit vines are very finicky in my experience and you could spend a lot of time trying to get it to come right without much reward. Of course that's just my experience, if someone else has a different experience you should let us know. It has a thin rind and when cut open looks similar to a pomegranate except the seeds are white and the inside seed is a yellow color. You should always consult with a competent, fully-informed medical professional or health practitioner when making decisions having to do with your health. If it is just an unripe passionfruit i will feel stupid but it seems to be fully ripe and the seeds were sweet and tasty. You are advised to investigate and educate yourself about any health related actions and choices you make. La substance mucilagineuse constitue la pulpe, elle est sucree, acidulee, rafraichissante et tres aromatique. Moins le fruit est mur, plus sa chair est acide.CulinaireLe fruit de la passion se consomme bien mur, pour ce faire il faut le choisir plisse. Une toute petite quantite de fruit de la passion confere beaucoup de saveur aux aliments tant sa pulpe est parfumee. Congeler la pulpe dans un bac a glacons est pratique pour aromatiser bon nombre de desserts.MedicinaleLe fruit de la passion est une excellente source de vitamine C, de potassium et de sodium, il constitue egalement une source de fer. Votre nom Adresse E-mail de votre ami Vous devez indiquer votre nom Commentaires Publier un commentaire Laissez un commentaire sur cet articleMerci de soigner l'orthographe, la grammaire et éviter le langage SMS. PseudoCommentaireVous devez indiquer un message Le fruit de la passion se consomme bien mur, pour ce faire il faut le choisir plisse. Les pieces florales du passiflore evoque les instruments de la passion « couronne d?epines, clous, lance », d'ou le nom fruit de la passion.

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