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My family and I are big fans of desserts, I love to buy home cakes which I scout from little cake shops that are sprouting everywhere. Not only do they look exceptionally appetizing & colorful with all the fruits decoration, they also taste great too! It will definitely be a scene stealer if you even get one of this in a birthday party or festive celebration, pretty sure will push the wow factor up a few notch. If you want the latest news, or get daily promotion updates on restaurants, supermarkets, food fairs, or simply check out some simple recipe ideas, please subscribe to our mailing list for more info. Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go. The restaurant Paradis de Fruits offers light, healthy and yummy food in a lively atmosphere. But of course, you can still have the Chicken Caesar Salad, or steamed fish for the main course, and the Starlight Cheesecake at the end. You have a large quantity of options to choose from and the servants are always happy to help.

The interior design of the restaurant changes depending on its arrondissement, but all have a colorful and positive atmosphere in common. The location at Tournelles in the Marais district is a lot smaller and has a simpler arrangement. Technically Fruit Paradise is one of the big players in the dessert scene, but they do differentiate themselves by focusing on fruit tarts, and not cream cakes. TESTED WITH REVIEWSDawn on OOTOYA DELIVERY MENUS & TAKE AWAY MENUSwin on HAPPY CALL FRYING PAN – ONE OF KOREA GREATEST EXPORT! All plates are made of fresh fruits and vegetables. The best part about their restaurant is that all the choices are low-calorie and accompanied with herbs, berries, bananas, oranges, pineapples, coconuts and more.
The drinks offer you no less variety, you can order everything from a Mojito up to a Carrot Detox cocktail.
The paradise that you can find at George V, close to the Champs Elysees, is the most fancy one.

However, in comparison to the prior place described, it feels a lot more personal and comfy. Here as well, you can taste the ones a la carte or create a YoYo Fruit with raspberry or peach yourself.
The food quality is excellent in both cases, and the possibility of queuing-up has equal chances to occur. It also applies to the dessert if you pick the Frozen Yoghurt, adding mango, kiwi, honey, Bounty, and numerous other toppings. While you eat you can see an apple, for example, elegantly plunging into water on a big flat screen in front of you.

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