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This costume works best if you buy some fruit of the loom to pass out, and start talking about your rivalry with "apple".
Much as the halftime show and commercials have become a main reason to stay tuned to the Super Bowl, Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar episode might become the reward for sitting through the Academy Awards. Actress Lucy Lawless and five Greenpeace activists were arrested yesterday, four days after they started perching atop the 174-foot tower of a ship to keep it from leaving a New Zealand dock and drilling oil wells in the Arctic.

The revealing gown was designed with built-in cups that would have prevented such an incident, MarielHaenn said.
Kimmel also got Oprah Winfrey to do a separate skit in which he pitched ideas for her OWN network — such as Book Club Fight Club and Oprah Repos Favorite Things.

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