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At the end of the day almost all fruits are primarily sugar (Did you know that avocados are fruit? While I was on Fat Shredder at 1900 calories, I was able to fit in usually just one piece of fruit a day.
I feel like I say this all the time but it still all comes back to your goals and tracking. Hey coach, when you are working out, do u always use the video, or do u ever do the same moves but without the video? No one should come out and say that fruit is bad for you, but depending on your goals, fruit might not help your progress. If you said you’re going to do 1900 calories and Fat Shredder, then a bunch of servings of fruit is not going to help you reach that goal.
I help people get results and use my experience and the experience of thousands of teamRIPPED members to do it. I think with keeping protein synthesis in mind, you can benefit from having more meals (spaced evenly out) and getting more responses.

I would always encourage you to make sure your sugar is only coming from natural sources (fruit, veggies, dairy, etc.).
As I transitioned to a maintenance diet I had more space in my calorie budget to fit in more fruit. I would be skeptical of anyone promoting less than 10% fat as everything I have read promotes around 20% fat for proper hormone function and brain function. Removing many of the other associated risk factors for cancer (in the studies and research he is using for his meta-analysis), there seems to be no correlation between protein and cancer. And in fact, BB has been working to develop an all natural vanilla flavor, but they won't cut corners and use artificial vanilla flavor in Shakeology because part of what makes Shakeology so unique is its nutritional superiority. If your goal is to get ripped, what you do in your diet is going to look very different than the vast majority of people.
If you are tracking with MyFitnessPal you’ll have no problem staying on top of your carbs from fruit. And if you watch the video I will link, it should always be noted that correlation does not equal causation.

If you are bulking at a surplus and with 50% of your calories coming from carbohydrates then you can fit and lots of fruit and hit your fiber budgets! He claims fruit is completely fine to eat as much as you want as long as your fat intake is below 10% of your daily caloric intake.
But for fat loss and Fat Shredder there just isn’t that much room for a ton of fruit. If you have certain body composition goals, it may not be the best thing to help your reach those goals.
Campbell has done decades of research and claims high protein diets like your fat shredder diet are cancer inducing. It still can add up to excess sugar in your diet and hinder you from reaching your ultimate goals if you are over-indulging in fruits.

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