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If you have any complaints, comments, compliments, questions, concerns, or rabid hamsters, feel free to neomail Subcontrabass! The Fruit Machine is one of the most popular Lost Desert attractions when searching for a little quick cash. There aren't any ways to cheat, trick, or fool the Fruit Machine so don't hope you can use some strange cheats to get a prize.
The fruits that appear on the fruit machine are: Bagguss, Tchea Fruit, Ummagine, Cheops Plant, Ptolymelon, and Puntec Fruit.
The Fruit Machine is presented with three neopets holding up cards, the cards will display different fruit. You win 25,000 or more neopoints, a paint brush, 3 fading bottled faeries, and a strength and level increase for your pet!It is believed any random paint brush and weak bottled faerie are possible.

If your intense joy (or disappointment) isn't totally overwhelming after this game of chance, there are many other great attractions in the Lost Desert to enjoy, such as the Wheel of Extravagance , Coltzan's Shrine , and the Scratchcard Kiosk ! If you have a Facebook account, click here to continue logging in.If you don't have a Facebook account, click here to log in with your Neopets information. Welcome to our Dailies, here you can find all the favorite places your should visit every day with your Main Neopets Account. If you guys were wondering why the plushie in my hand looks so good is because I didn't draw it xD. We do not control your destination's website, so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be different! Yes, we all love prizes and the exciting thing about the Fruit Machine is the chances of getting prizes.

Prizes get better depending on what fruit are on the cards, so hope for a Puntec Fruit, grab those lucky charms, and get spinning! Everyone tries for a great prize every day nonetheless and though landing a winning spin can be rare, the prize possibilities are endless.
After that it's all about luck, so grab a rabbit's foot, a four leaf clover, and go stand under a rainbow to make sure you get something good from the Fruit Machine, or else you will get hit with this message.

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