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Key Features: The individual features vary from game to game so I will simply put an image of each game below with its title and any outstanding features I have noticed.
Deal Or No Deal Whats in your Box - The size of the bet determines how many paylines the player activates (up to 5). Deal Or No Deal Beat the Banker - Has a Deal Or No Deal Super Feature which works the same was as the Super Jiggy Bank Feature in Ant & Decs Jiggy Bank Fruit Machine.
Deal Or No Deal The Big Reds - A feature rich fruit machine with a cash or bust feature which allows players to gamble to win the top jackpot but at the risk of losing everything. Deal Or No Deal Dream Factory - 5 Paylines, and a Heart Trail which allows players to gain extra lives. Deal Or No Deal Hall of Fame - This game allows players a chance to win up to 15 free nudges, which increases the players chances of being able to win the top jackpot amount. Deal Or No Deal The Walk of Wealth - Between 1 and 5 paylines can be activated depending on the size of the players bet (from 10pence to 50pence).
Deal or No Deal The Power Five - The Power Five has 5 paylines which are active all the time, and gives players a chance to win extra life. Fruit Machines are slot games predominantly found in the United Kingdom and now available to everyone who has access to online casinos. British slot players are very familiar with Fruit Machines, the ubiquitous slot game of the arcade and the pub. Online fruit machines are now found at a number of online casinos, which means we can all try our luck at holding symbols, then nudging them, and finally deciding whether we want to gamble our winnings. Basically when a spin of a fruit machine slot is over the game itself might still be afoot.
Fruit machine players have to tread carefully as the hold and the nudge can be mixed blessings. Fruit machine slots usually also have a gamble feature, which allows the player to risk his winnings and try to double up in the process. These are remakes and ROMs of Fruit Machines found in the corner of every pub, amusement arcade and casino around.
If you are looking to buy a used secondhand ex pub fruit machine then you have come to the right place.
Funny man Al Murry has been drafted in to help out ailing British fruit machine designers JPM to promote their latest ?70 jackpot fruit machine. Initially believing there to be some kind of fault with the machine that I was playing, the game ran at around 40% the speed of most fruit machines, making for a very frustrating and tedious playing experience.
Feature entry is from a win on the multi-winline reels, or from a row of barrels (Deal or No Deal boxes to you and me).
The game is most similar to Deal or No Deal Crazy Chairs, with the features appearing to be mostly the same (averaging ?3 – ?6).

Along the bottom of the machine, a row of twelve darts is lit by the number reel; each number spun in lights up a dart.
Amusingly the gaming brochure goes into great detail to explain how the top feature works, trying desperately not to mention that it is exactly the same as Deal or No Deal. Al Murrey’s Beautiful British Game also has a cash or bust feature which can be used at the very start of the game, or any time when on a mystery square. In the old days the JPM ribbons were a modest ?3 or ?4, now they have bumped them up to jackpot.
I would hope it was a random selection, but judging by how poorly the rest of the game has been made, I would guess that the value of the box is predetermined.
Because they play so abysmally bad, they have to roll in jackpots to level off the percentage. In this section we have a gallery of popular fruit machine photographs including several Deal or No Deal Fruit Machines and the Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway Jiggy Bank Fruit Machine.
Deal or no Deal is a UK TV show hosted by Noel Edmonds where players can win prizes ranging from 1p right up to £250,000. The image above is of the origional 'classic' Deal or No Deal Fruit Machine which features a hi lo gamble, a cash ladder, a bonus board and hold ad nudge features. By activating all 5 paylines the player will get enhanced feature entry, so it is best to activate all 5 pay lines on this game. This game has all the regular elements of a fruit machine, bonus board, cash pot, bash ladder, hold and nudge etc. Fruit Machine slots have unique interactive features where players can hold and nudge symbols on the reels, and then gamble their winnings.
For the rest of us an introduction to fruit machine slots is probably required, since these games require more decisions by the player than other slot variations.
If a fruit machine slot player is randomly awarded a "nudge" she might be able to move a symbol on a reel or even an entire reel up or down one.
There are times when a winning combination can be lost because a nudge is applied with negative consequences. If it is a small win it can be fun to gamble and double up a couple of times, but if you have secured a nice win it is prudent to bank it. The oldies amongst us will remember, and likely have fond memories of the great fruit machine era that JPM dominated 10 to 15 years ago, with Roller Coaster, Red Arrow etc. 25p and 50p stakes start with white features, where-as playing on the hefty ?1 a spin makes the features red. Many times the number reel doesn’t spin, so lighting up all of the darts can be very costly. This is not separate, and is a way for it to level its percentage whilst still not paying anything worth while.

It’s worth noting that all Deal or No Deal games (Bell Fruit, not JPM) offer a random selection no matter how lively the state of the machine. When they roll in three ribbons (jackpot), this does not indicate an invincible feature game. Microgaming-powered casinos all have fruit machines in their slots stable, and we have seen fruit machine slots at Crytpologic casinos as well. Although there were moments when two or three features came in quick succession, it wasn’t a common occurrence. The game also has red barrels, which begin to light up when a full row of regular barrels has been completed. The highest cash or bust win I was awarded was ?10, and also the mixed streak which paid a depressingly low ?8. The values are fixed, with the highest two been ?40 and ?70, and the lowest been 10p and a penny. Far from it, in actual fact you have a very very high chance of spinning directly to a mystery square and losing the ?70. They require a bit of practice unlike other slot games, which pretty much run themselves, and for some players they can be a little confusing. The JPM game brochure, which discusses the game, suggests that all odd or all even darts lit will award the bonus feature.
Market at least, but have returned to the pub sector with an Al Murray themed series of fruit machines. This certainly wasn’t the case when I played, and was only awarded when both sides were fully lit.
You would assume having being absent for such a long time, that a great and unique come-back would have been delivered. So unless they have released an update already, the person who wrote the brochure obviously didn’t play the machine.
Unfortunately tedium abounds in this poor knock off of Bell Fruits over used Deal or No Deal themed fruit machines.
The numbers do however nearly always hold over, but are canceled out with a cash or bust win. I assume that a full house of red barrels awards invincibility, but that remains to be seen. Also, an important point to remember; this game can and often does, lose on the very first spin.

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