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Key Features: The individual features vary from game to game so I will simply put an image of each game below with its title and any outstanding features I have noticed. Deal Or No Deal Whats in your Box - The size of the bet determines how many paylines the player activates (up to 5). Deal Or No Deal Beat the Banker - Has a Deal Or No Deal Super Feature which works the same was as the Super Jiggy Bank Feature in Ant & Decs Jiggy Bank Fruit Machine.
Deal Or No Deal The Big Reds - A feature rich fruit machine with a cash or bust feature which allows players to gamble to win the top jackpot but at the risk of losing everything. Deal Or No Deal Dream Factory - 5 Paylines, and a Heart Trail which allows players to gain extra lives. Deal Or No Deal Hall of Fame - This game allows players a chance to win up to 15 free nudges, which increases the players chances of being able to win the top jackpot amount. Deal Or No Deal The Walk of Wealth - Between 1 and 5 paylines can be activated depending on the size of the players bet (from 10pence to 50pence). Deal or No Deal The Power Five - The Power Five has 5 paylines which are active all the time, and gives players a chance to win extra life. Fruit Machines are a type of slot machines which are especially popular in the United Kingdom.
Playing today’s computerized video Fruit Machines is much more complex and interesting.

Perhaps the most substantial difference between Fruit Machines and regular slot machines is that playing them involves some degree of skill. Like all modern slot machines, fruit machines are programed to pay out over the long run a certain percentage of money put into them (usually 75-80%).
If you are looking to buy a used secondhand ex pub fruit machine then you have come to the right place.
These are remakes and ROMs of Fruit Machines found in the corner of every pub, amusement arcade and casino around. In this section we have a gallery of popular fruit machine photographs including several Deal or No Deal Fruit Machines and the Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway Jiggy Bank Fruit Machine. Deal or no Deal is a UK TV show hosted by Noel Edmonds where players can win prizes ranging from 1p right up to £250,000.
The image above is of the origional 'classic' Deal or No Deal Fruit Machine which features a hi lo gamble, a cash ladder, a bonus board and hold ad nudge features.
By activating all 5 paylines the player will get enhanced feature entry, so it is best to activate all 5 pay lines on this game. This game has all the regular elements of a fruit machine, bonus board, cash pot, bash ladder, hold and nudge etc. Regular slots are completely random, and players have no control over the results of the game.

However, Fruit Machines include features which allow the player the opportunity to influence the outcome.
The classic mechanical fruit machines would typically have three reels, with numbers, and pictures of various fruits—cherries, plums, oranges, lemons, and watermelons— printed on them. They would pay out depending on how many identical fruits would align on the payline (the middle of three horizontal lines of symbols on the screen), when all reels stop rotating, and the different value of each symbol.
We will cover some of these features blow, and the rest will be part of a future series of articles dedicated to Fruit Machines. The player has several ways to choose a square, some of which also involve a certain degree of skill. For instance, the player can choose to try and press on the desired square on the screen at the precise moment when it flashes with light.

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