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My favorite type of jam, made from any type of fruit, is the ones made with whole or cut fruits, rather than crushed fruits with lots of jelly-like pectin in them. My sister brought some passion fruit from the farm having picked them this morning.They were the yellow type, which grow more commonly in India, with an average size of a small orange or, to be exact ,about 8" around the circumference of each fruit. The nice thing about this jam is that it has the texture and bite of a good thick cut marmalade with the bits of inner pulp forming the equivalent of an orange rind.
A resource for Indian food and recipes, cooking techniques with step by step instructions, food and social change in India, farming practices and more from Pune, Maharashtra, India. And cherry jam, or morabaay albaaloo as we call it Persian, is on the very top of my list followed by quince and carrot.

My sister has a couple of happy cherry trees in her yard providing us all with our yearly consumption of home-made cherry jam. Take half the number of shells and put in a bowl with 2 cups of  water and let it soak for 24 hours in the fridge. It is believed to have healing properties, one of which is to calm the nerves.Passion fruit keep fairly well even at room temperature which, in Pune, is now around 25 degrees C .
Did you know that if you cut the fruit and remove the pulp, mixing it with half its weight in sugar, it will keep for ages in the fridge and for up to a year in the freezer?Passiflora edulis var flavicarpa, the yellow fruited variety, is not to be confused with Passiflora foetida or Vel Ghani as it is rightly known in Maharashtra, for its stink or foetid smell.
The story goes that Spanish missionaries were struck by the similiarities the flower had to signs of the Crown of Thorns and the Passion of Christ on the Cross.The word Passion comes from the Latin passio.

The Brazilian variety, also called the granadilla,or the Maracuja, is purple in colour and is different from the Indian yellow fruited one but both have the same orange pulp and seeds.The yellow passion fruit is pretty acidic compared to the granadilla and its skin is rich in pectin so it makes a very good jam. The point is, how does one get the pectin in without having to eat the brittle, papery skin?

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