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BUT, drinking a fruit juice made from concentrate is not the same as consuming a piece of raw fruit, or fresh squeezed raw fruit juice. Fruit juices are often fortified with added vitamins and minerals, and the juice concentrate also contains vitamins and nutrients. So, the happy ending to this juice concentrate story is that, while concentrated juice is not bad for you, it should not replace all your fruit intake. Choose organic fruits (especially when shopping for apples, pears, peaches, and berries…or basically any fruit with edible skin) to eliminate the pesticide content. Subscribe to Nutri-NewsOur free, twice weekly email newsletter with health news and advice. The Morning Banana Diet is the latest trendy diet that is taking Japan and the world at large like a storm. Banana has always been known to be one of the world’s healthiest fruit and is touted as a ‘super food’ and it is also known to make you shed a few inches of your waiste. The Health Benefits of Baby BananaBaby banana is known as the sweetest of all bananas, also called finger or lady finger banana. These yellow-skinned fruits are ideal for health because they have a sweet taste that most people enjoy.
Sapota also known as ‘chikoo’ is a delicious calorie-rich fruit belonging to the category of fruits like mango, banana and jack fruit.
The fruit is a round or oval-shaped berry measuring around 10 centimetres in diameter and weighing 150 grams.
The sapota fruit has its origin in the rain forests of Central America, particularly in Mexico and Belize but it is easily available in India.
The tasty flesh of this fruit is easily digestible and replenishes our body by providing energy due to its high content of glucose; this fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and tannins. Tannins are a complex family of naturally-occurring polyphenols that neutralize acids by precipitating proteins. Research studies found that tannins have shown to have potential anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic effects. A liquid extracted from crushed seeds is used as diuretic and is found to be effective in removing kidney and bladder stones.
Sapodilla fruit also helps in regulating the secretion of gastric enzymes, thereby regulating metabolism. Among its many benefits related to the digestive system, weight loss and obesity prevention can also be included in the benefits of Sapodilla fruit.
Wound is ordinarily caused by a cut, hit or other impact which causes the skin to be damaged. This is the condition which results from the body having lower than the normal quantity of red blood cells or even hemoglobin.
Osteoporosis refers to the loss of bone density occasioned by depletion of calcium mineral in the bone. Leg cramping refers to the unpleasant, unconscious shrinkage of muscles of the   limbs or even soother bodily organs. Recognized by different names in different places, Carissa carandas is a class of flowering shrub in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae.
The fruit of Karonda is an astringent, antiscorbutic and acts as a remedy for biliousness i.e. Karaunda thrives throughout the tropical and subtropical climates, having said that, it cannot tolerate heavy rainfall and waterlogged conditions as well. Commonly grown from seeds, there are other methods used for propagation which includes: air layering and stem cuttings, however they are not very commonly used.

The fruit of Karonda has 3 to 4 seeds inside it and can be removed with the help of a paring knife.
For the fruits to come a long way, it is suggested to store in the refrigerator and in room temperature, they are expected to come three to four days long.
Borassus flabellifer commonly known as Nungu is a robust tree which is identified universally for its growing feature.
Borne in clusters, the fruit is just about 4 to 7 inches in diameter and has a black shell.
Spaced out from helping in all the aforesaid conditions, fresh sap of palm is called 'Neera' which has antiphlegmatic properties that is highly functional in inflammatory affections and leprosy.
The growth pattern of Borassus flabellifer is quite different from all other trees and its clean habits make it an attractive ornamental tree. To open and cut the Nungu is no easy task; a vendor armed with a machete can make it easy to separate the skin from the pods.
Seeing that, cut and drained Nungu is receptive oxidation, consider using it for immediate consumption, else the fruit’s flavor begins to change. He was sipping on a new 100% fruit juice product made from various fruit juice concentrates and purees. However, heat treatment (such as pasteurization) can eliminate some inherent enzymes found in raw fruits. And if you’re going to drink fruit juice from concentrate make sure it contains NO high fructose corn syrup, sugars, or other ingredients that sound suspiciously alien.
But did you know that the “banana tree” is not actually a tree but is the world’s largest herb? Consumption of natural fruits rich in vitamin A has been known to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers. The chickoo fruit as well as the tree have medicinal benefits and various parts of the plant are used in home remedies to cure health problems.
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The recovery may imply replacing the dead tissues with practical ones and this may take a while. This is because the collagen found in the fruit is crucial for creating healthy and balanced gums and teeth. Research has demonstrated that the vitamin C in the Pomelo fruit helps in the assimilation and absorption of iron in the body hence alleviating the anemic condition of the body. Common muscle cramping include of swimmer’s cramp due to exposure to cold water, heat cramping from lack of salt among others. Coming to soil conditions, it can be grown on all types of soils including saline and sodic soils. Irrespective of the environment type, they are to come just a week time or so, hence it is good to consume then and there. In order to let slip the three sweet jelly seed sockets, the top portion of the fruit must be cut off. Apart from being cultivated mainly for the fruit it bears, they are also cultivated for planting in gardens and parks as landscape palm species. However, you can try doing this to enjoy the fruit: First is to carefully extricate each pod from the shell and then hack away starting at the top, slice the purple, fibrous shell away from the centre part and then lever open away the jellylike pods from the white skin.

As a matter of fact, the fruit’s rapid fermentation over the course of a mere three hours is the main reason why villagers prefer Nungu as a fast, inexpensive and easy source of alcohol. These enzymes are beneficial for your digestive and whole body health and are missing from many processed foods. There are actually many types of banana but most people are accustomed to the usual yellow skin banana, but we are going to look at the red banana in this article. Banana is one of the healthiest and most popular fruit in the world, consumed by nearly everyone on earth daily.
Its round to oblong in shape with 9 to 14 sections with white-mild yellow, pink to yellow flesh. The Pomelo fruit is useful in the treatment of the condition as it boosts bone health and greatly reduces the potential risk of getting brittle or fragile bones. The commonest cause of these cramping is due to lack of fluids as well lack of electrolytes like potassium, magnesium and sodium.
It grows naturally in the Himalayas at elevations of 300 to 1800 meters, in the Siwalik Hills, the Western Ghats and in Nepal and Afghanistan.
After care- In view of the fact that, they are very hardy, it requires less care and water requirement is also very low. The process of air layering in Carissa carandas is successful, but it is good to perform this in the beginning of the monsoon. On the other hand, some boil them to make them into puree or syrup, in such a case you can expect a lot of gummy latex especially when boiled: Skim this from the shell periodically while doing so.
These sockets are translucent pale-white in color, akin to that of the lychee, but it exudes a milder flavor and comes with no pit.
If you don’t want it to be eaten immediately then, opt for each section to be scooped intact with the tan, stringy skin still encasing the husk.
Fruit juice contains various vitamins and antioxidants…key nutrients that many of us are not getting enough of.
They can either be packed loosely in a large freezer bag, or can be de-seeded and boiled into syrup form beforehand. Looped with leaf scars, the covering can be seen with green-bluish leaves together with several dozen fronds diffusing 3 m (9.8 ft) diagonally. The fruit has a part that is just like jelly and it is covered with a thin, yellowish-brown skin. Ringed with leaf scars, the large trunk of the tree bears a resemblance to that of the coconut tree.
The fleshy white body contains watery fluid; however the fibrous and ripened outer layer of the palm can also be eaten raw, boiled or roasted.
In view of the fact that it very much resents being moved once established; the seeds are best germinated in its final position. Vitamin c in Pomelo fruit is useful due to its acidity which fights bacteria in the urinary tract.
The roots serve as a stomachic, an anthelmintic medicine for itches and also as insect repellents.

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