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I have been asked about fruit snacks quite a few times and I hate it when the person is standing in front of me.The conversation goes like this:“Hey, aren’t you Snack Girl?
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These Angry Birds Fruit Gummies are less about the candy product than about the product tie-in. Subscribe20 Comments:I teach kindergarten and some kids actually think fruit snacks are a fruit until I set them straight!
If you're a fan then the shapes are most likely exciting, too, depicting various characters.

I call fruit snacks cavities in a box just like all chewy candy.kristy on November 25, 2014I buy the organic fruit snacks. I certainly raced out to buy the Twilight themed New Moon Sky Bar and Transformers 2 Snickers Nougabot Bar. But I'm just not hooked into the Angry Birds craze, and so these mediocre gummies left me wanting. The flavors taste really artificial and cloying, not to mention that the actual candy content to box size ratio is pretty bad (ie, huge enticing box to very few actual gummies).
Ingredients: Organic Mango Puree, Organic coconut flakes, organic coconut flavor concentrate, water, organic gum acacia, natural flavors and That's All!!

Bye the way, another plus is they are made in the USA!!Lynn on November 19, 2014This story brought up a funny memory for me.

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