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The pathway is hidden by the birds’ wings, by the star-fires, by the flowers of the wayfaring seasons.
The desire of the bud is for the night and dew, but the blown flower cries for the freedom of light.
When I lingered among my hoarded treasure I felt like a worm that feeds in the dark upon the fruit where it was born. I care not to haunt the mouldy stillness, for I go in search of everlasting youth; I throw away all that is not one with my life nor as light as my laughter.
You took my hand and drew me to your side, made me sit on the high seat before all men, till I became timid, unable to stir and walk my own way; doubting and debating at every step lest I should tread upon any thorn of their disfavour. I am like the storm-driven cloud of summer that, having cast off its crown of gold, hangs as a sword the thunderbolt upon a chain of lightning.
In desperate joy I run upon the dusty path of the despised; I draw near to your final welcome. I will meet one day the Life within me, the joy that hides in my life, though the days perplex my path with their idle dust. I have known it in glimpses, and its fitful breath has come upon me, making my thoughts fragrant for a while.

I will meet one day the Joy without me that dwells behind the screen of light–and will stand in the overflowing solitude where all things are seen as by their creator. Whence has he word of the morning before the morning breaks, and when the dragon night still holds the sky in its cold black coils?
Tell me, bird of the morning, how, through the twofold night of the sky and the leaves, he found his way into your dream, the messenger out of the east?
Bare your forehead, waiting for the first blessing of light, and sing with the bird of the morning in glad faith.
I shall stake all I have and when I lose my last penny I shall stake myself, and then I think I shall have won through my utter defeat.
Again and again have swooped down upon me the screaming nights of storm, blowing out my lamp: dark doubts have gathered, blotting out all stars from my sky. Again and again the banks have burst, letting the flood sweep away my harvest, and wailing and despair have rent my sky from end to end. This have I learnt that there are blows of pain in your love, never the cold apathy of death. Timidly I cowered in the shadow of safety, but now, when the surge of joy carries my heart upon its crest, my heart clings to the cruel rock of its trouble. I sat alone in a corner of my house thinking it too narrow for any guest, but now when its door is flung open by an unbidden joy I find there is room for thee and for all the world. I walked upon tiptoe, careful of my person, perfumed, and adorned–but now when a glad whirlwind has overthrown me in the dust I laugh and roll on the earth at thy feet like a child.
Day after day you buy your sunrise from my heart, and you find your love carven into the image of my life. The harvest of my life ripens in the sun and the shower till I reap more than you sowed, gladdening your heart, O Master of the golden granary. Grant me that I may not be a coward, feeling your mercy in my success alone; but let me find the grasp of your hand in my failure. My Master has bid me while I stand at the roadside, to sing the song of Defeat, for that is the bride whom He woos in secret.

She has put on the dark veil, hiding her face from the crowd, but the jewel glows on her breast in the dark.
She is forsaken of the day, and God’s night is waiting for her with its lamps lighted and flowers wet with dew.
She is silent with her eyes downcast; she has left her home behind her, from her home has come that wailing in the wind. But the stars are singing the love-song of the eternal to a face sweet with shame and suffering. The door has been opened in the lonely chamber, the call has sounded, and the heart of the darkness throbs with awe because of the coming tryst. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement. We invite you to take a moment to view our different styles, and hope that this display will simplify the frame selection process for you.While our frames are all made to accommodate standard size prints, because they are hand-crafted, the outer frame dimensions may vary a bit depending on the style.
Therefore through slow time you give me what is yours, and ceaselessly win your kingdom in me. You burdened my hands that I myself may lighten them, and at last, gain unburdened freedom for your service. They are translated by Kshitis Roy, former curator of the Tagore Museum and editor of Visva-Bharati Quarterly for many years.

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