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Following Monday’s heavyweights, including Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders, former president Bill Clinton will take the stage on Tuesday. The First Lady took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention, and united a divided hall. Obama stepped out onto a stage in front of a divided party, including delegates who had booed almost every mention of the presumptive nominee.
She did it, moreover, her own way—forming a striking contrast with the night’s other speakers. Against a restive backdrop, the party’s top lieutenants were forced into the role of prime time peacemakers, tasked with encouraging Democratic unity in a party that has only lately acquiesced to tenuous detente. When something goes wrong, I start with blunder, confusion, and miscalculation as the likely explanations. But it is getting more difficult to dismiss the apparent Russian role in the DNC hack as blunder and confusion rather than plan. The timing and precision of the leaks, on the day before the Democratic convention and on a topic intended to maximize divisions at that convention, is unlikely to be pure coincidence. The foreign country most enthusiastic about Trump’s rise appears to be Russia, which would also be the foreign country most benefited by his policy changes, from his sowing doubts about NATO and the EU to his weakening of the RNC platform language about Ukraine. The Democratic chairwoman had few supporters—but clung to her post for years, abetted by the indifference of the White House.
PHILADELPHIA—As Debbie Wasserman Schultz made her unceremonious exit as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, what was most remarkable was what you didn’t hear: practically anybody coming to her defense.
The pressures of national academic standards have pushed character education out of the classroom. A few months ago, I presented the following scenario to my junior English students: Your boyfriend or girlfriend has committed a felony, during which other people were badly harmed. This discussion was part of an introduction to an essay assignment about whether Americans should pay more for ethically produced food.
Donald Trump shocked foreign-policy professionals and observers when he remarked to The New York Times that if he were president, the United States might not come to the defense of an attacked NATO ally that hadn’t fulfilled its “obligation to make payments.” The remark broke with decades of bipartisan commitment to the alliance and, as Jeffrey Goldberg wrote in The Atlantic, aligned well with the interests of Russia, whose ambitions NATO was founded largely to contain. Physicists can’t agree on whether the flow of future to past is real or a mental construct.
Einstein once described his friend Michele Besso as “the best sounding board in Europe” for scientific ideas.
PHILADELPHIA––As successive speakers took the stage at the Democratic National Convention Monday, Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times observed that the participants were much more liberal than the ones that helped nominate Bill Clinton.
A short documentary profiles the difficult lives of senior citizens who have lived in the city for decades. Just in case you needed another reason to eat organic, new research has found that organic produce had health benefits for fruit flies. Researchers at Southern Methodist University in Texas looked at four main food items, including potatoes, raisins, soybeans, and bananas.
Flies that consume[d[ this product had more levels of stress and higher rates of mortality when compared to the group of flies that ate regular, nonorganic raisins.

Tell that to all your friends who make fun of your expensive organic grocery bill and devotion to your weekly farmer’s market. While fruit flies aren't typically dangerous, even if you eat them accidentally, they aren't particularly appetizing, either. So this issue of Inch by Inch deals with how to ward off fruit flies without poison, and how to keep them from populating your hard-won produce.
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But tonight in Philadelphia, Michelle Obama delivered a speech that will be replayed, quoted, and anthologized for years. They did so through a combination of alarmist truth telling—borne from the reality of a Trump-Clinton matchup that has lately gotten tighter—and cold-water scolding about party division—driven equally by frustration and exhaustion. Planned-out wrongdoing is harder to pull off, more likely to backfire, and thus less probable.
If it were coincidence, why exactly now, with evidence drawn from hacks over previous months? She reportedly resisted stepping down, and blamed subordinates for the content of the leaked emails that were released Friday, which clearly showed the committee’s posture of neutrality in the Democratic primary to have been a hollow pretense, just as Bernie Sanders and his supporters long contended. It was obvious, they said, that loyalty was paramount—not a single student said they’d “snitch.” They were unequivocally unconcerned about who was harmed in this hypothetical scenario. We continued discussing other dilemmas, and the kids were more engaged that they’d been in weeks, grappling with big questions about values, character, and right versus wrong as I attempted to expand their thinking about who and what is affected—and why it matters—by their caloric choices.
But these ones stoked particular alarm, not least among America’s allies, about the candidate’s suitability for the United States presidency.
They attended university together in Zurich; later they were colleagues at the patent office in Bern.
Many physicists argue that Einstein’s position is implied by the two pillars of modern physics: Einstein’s masterpiece, the general theory of relativity, and the Standard Model of particle physics. It is one of the oldest cliches in journalism, an acknowledgement of the idea that ordinary events are not newsworthy, whereas oddities, like a puppy-nibbling adult, deserve disproportionate coverage.
If journalists are encouraged to report extreme events, they guide both elite and public attitudes, leading many people, including experts, to feel like extreme events are more common than they actually are. Professional investors are fretting about the possibility of a massive stock-market crash, on par with 1987’s Black Monday. And alongside them were a lesbian veteran who spoke of serving in the days of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” A disability-rights activist with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia spoke up against the prejudices faced by the community on whose behalf she works. Yes, I know humans aren’t fruit flies, but researchers think that this research might shed some light on the what organic produce can do for our health, too. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And while they don't appear by spontaneous generation, their eggs and larva and cocoons (yes, they do make wee cocoons) are often hard to spot and live in places you'd never expect.
Although perfectly clean kitchens will attract flies if there is produce there, you don't have to encourage them by leaving drops of jam on the counters or not cleaning up completely after a spill.

We discovered that fruit flies love lemonade, so we used an old fruit-fly trap and filled it with lemonade.
It was as pure a piece of political oratory as this campaign has offered, and instantly entered the pantheon of great convention speeches.
She finally relinquished the convention gavel only after receiving three days of strong-arming, a ceremonial position in the Clinton campaign, and a raucous round of boos at a convention breakfast.
When Besso died in the spring of 1955, Einstein—knowing that his own time was also running out—wrote a now-famous letter to Besso’s family.
The laws that underlie these theories are time-symmetric—that is, the physics they describe is the same, regardless of whether the variable called “time” increases or decreases.
By reporting on only the radically novel, the press can feed a popular illusion that the world is more terrible than it actually is. The statistical odds that such an event will occur within the next six months are about 1-in-60, according to historical data from 1929 to 1988. Apparently, they found that organic raisins, potatoes and soy were all linked to longer life spans in fruit flies. To discourage the flies, clean it carefully between dump-outs, and scrub with baking soda, then rinse. Moreover, they say nothing at all about the point we call “now”—a special moment (or so it appears) for us, but seemingly undefined when we talk about the universe at large. But when surveys between 1989 and 2015 asked investors to estimate the odds of such a crash in the coming months, the typical response was 1-in-10.
Bananas, whether organic or not, didn’t seem to have a real effect on the annoying flying dudes that plague my fruit bowl. Should that be the case, then we potentially have an entirely individualistic reason to buy organic.
You don't care if your friends are hanging around the outside recycling bin or trash can, do you? Her speech was laden with sharp barbs, but she delivered them calmly, sometimes wryly, biting her lower lip, hitting her cadence. The resulting timeless cosmos is sometimes called a “block universe”—a static block of space-time in which any flow of time, or passage through it, must presumably be a mental construct or other illusion.
Then rinse again, with vinegar this time, and keep a tablespoon or so of wet vinegar at any given time. Some people we know have installed cedar strips all around their kitchen cabinets, which seems a trifle extreme, but it works. The vinegar will prevent the produce in the bin from breaking down quite so fast, but in the summer, it doesn't matter all that much.

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