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This morning I happened to come across the old chestnut Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. All purchase informationLavengro Books is not responsible for the Spanish Book Description that appears on some Amazon sites but getting Amazon to change anything isn't easy. In an excerpt from John Pollack’s forthcoming The Pun Also Rises, the author recalls his experience in the Pun-Off World Championships. The rules for the contest were simple: Trade puns on a given topic with an opponent, taking five-second turns, until one competitor missed or the seven-minute round expired. After reviewing the rules, the judge asked McClughan to reach into a galvanized bucket and pull out a slip of paper, which featured one of the hundred or so topics on a list that my 31 fellow competitors and I had been given just minutes earlier.
My mind flashed to all the aircraft hanging from the rafters back at The Henry Ford museum.
I struggled to come up with a response, but saved myself at the last second with a crude pun on Fokker, the defunct Dutch aircraft maker.
In its economy and perfect congruence of sound and meaning, a pun couldn’t get any purer.

From the storm clouds of my subconscious, a Japanese warplane zoomed down to counterattack. John Pollack has worked as a speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, as a foreign correspondent in Spain, as a field assistant in Antarctica, and as a strolling violinist on Mackinac Island. Announcing the brackets for the 2016 edition of The Morning News Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes. Los Angeles drivers love to leave notes on windshields—passive-aggressive, or just plain aggressive.
It must not be used without permission.Short extracts may be used for illustrative or review purposes provided that proper acknowledgement is made.
He looked so relaxed just standing there at the microphone, his shirt untucked, smiling at the crowd.
From aircraft parts to the space program to the Battle of Britain, McClughan always had a good riposte ready. In the case of a tie, the judge explained, the audience got to decide who advanced to the next round.

Before The Pun Also Rises, he wrote Cork Boat: A True Story of the Unlikeliest Boat Ever Built. I was already outmatched; my adversary was a bespectacled, 40-something man named George McClughan who, as the judge pointed out, just happened to be a former champion. Exhausted, I stood there for a moment, heart pounding, mouth dry, my brain seizing up like an overheated engine that’s run out of oil. Introducing the judges, shortlist, and Zombie poll for the 2016 edition of The Morning News Tournament of Books.

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