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L’Autorite du Touristique de Thailande (TAT) invite les touristes locaux et internationaux a visiter le Rayong Fruit Festival qui se tient chaque annee au mois de mai au Thapong Fruit Market dans la province de Rayong. Les visiteurs pourront bien sur avoir la chance de deguster et d’acheter tous les fruits delicieux cultives dans la province de Rayong ainsi que des fruits de mer, specialites locales, des fruits secs et beaucoup plus encore. Explore The Best in Family Health, Karen Ranzi’s guest stories for Fruit-Powered Digest.
The Woodstock Fruit Festival Hawaii on the north shore of Oahu was beyond any of the attendees’ wildest expectations of paradise and co-living with other low-fat raw food lifestyle followers. For a full week, fruit-based pioneers, longtime raw food lovers and those new to the lifestyle wanting to connect with and learn from low-fat raw vegans came together from points all over the globe to celebrate health, fitness, compassion and camaraderie. Karen Ranzi with an attendee holding Creative Healthy Children at The Woodstock Fruit Festival Hawaii. This festival boasted a theme of fun, activity, socializing, relaxation in the sun and beauty of the beaches and mountains, and travel to spots all over Oahu to experience the wonders of the island. Yoga classes and running with marathon runner Michael Arnstein were daily morning activities.
Local fruit consisted of banana, papaya and pineapple as staples with tastings of other tropical specialties added each day, such as guanabana (soursop), rambutan, longan, dates and Hawaiian-grown organic durian. Michael Arnstein, left, and John Kohler, right, chop coconuts at The Woodstock Fruit Festival Hawaii.
Arnstein, organizer of all the Woodstock Fruit Festivals, spent hours chopping and opening large green local coconuts at the coconut station, along with festival volunteers, to offer to those who love that delicious sweet coconut water. The main focus of the Hawaii Woodstock Fruit Festival was exploring the tropics and getting out there and being active. We also enjoyed impressive fire dancers in the evening, nightly drumming circles around the campfire, Hula Hoop lessons, speed dating, group social games, talent show and much more. Raw food preparation classes were taught by myself and my daughter Gabriela (Tropical Fun Raw Food Finger Foods), Chris Kendall (Sundried Tomato Pesto and Pad Thai), and Megan Elizabeth and Ryan Lewis (varieties of Coconut Smoothies).
The true emphasis of the weeklong Hawaii Woodstock Fruit Festival was on love and support of all those raw food lovers attending no matter what level of health or experience with a fresh, plant-based diet. The talent show turned into a major dance party with Lori and attendees of all ages dancing into the night. Creating Healthy Children by Karen Ranzi (e-book)Karen Ranzi guides you on the path to creating happier and healthier children. The Botanical society of Goa will be organising the  2015 edition of the Konkan fruit Festival from 8th – 10th May 2015. The konkan fruit festival is a unique festival held every year allowing visitors to discover, learn about and taste some of the unique but fast disappearing fruit varieties that are indigenous to the Konkan region of India. The fruits featured are a wide range of fruits: you can see the list here at New School which has descriptions with the beer.
And maybe if you have fellow drinking partners, you plan out a drinking strategy so no one is getting 2 of the same beer and you can each wait in different lines and come back and share tastes for most efficient tastings? As part of the media event, Ezra and some brewers let us taste 10 of the beers that would be at the Portland Fruit Beer Festival. So here are our notes of the Portland Fruit Beer Festival Beer Preview tasters we tried, ranking in order of fruit beer love. A sour spelt based beer with Navel Orange, Murcott Mandarin, Meyer Lemon peel and orange and lime juice. Peach Slap is a crisp light Belgian ale that starts light, gets a little complexity with his love of gin gimlets and so he added a floral quality with the addition of juniper berries and peppercorn. Another beer to look out for at the festival will be Laurelwood’s Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana. This year Gigantic Brewing was one of a few breweries smart enough to brew a beer which met the requirements for both Cheers to Belgian Beers and The Fruit Beer Fest.
Lacerta is the lizard constellation, as brewer John Harris has a constellation theme going. Widmer Brewers chatting about Up From San Antone, their Grapefruit White IPA at the Portland Fruit Beer Fest Media Preview with sneak peeks of 10 of the beers. For Fort George’s PFBF entry this year the brewery took a traditional approach to fruit beers with a low alcohol wheat beer and the addition of strawberries and rhubarb. Burnside Brewing and EZ Orchards Cidre collaborated to blend a whole bunch of apples- including Roman Beauty, Pink Lady, and Granny Smith apples, the Roman Beauty being what inspired the name Nero.
Description: The origin of these pears is a story of friendship- they came from the backyard in Salem, and were hand picked by the brewers and bartenders of Lompoc themselves last summer.

This wasn’t available to taste, but Abe (Abram Goldman-Armstrong) gave us a little drinking break as he talked about Cider Riot and their contribution to the Portland Fruit Beer Fest. The earlier you arrive at the festival the better so as to not have as many lines and in case certain beers run out for the day. Keep in mind you don’t have to pay admission both days- you just need to bring back your glass from the Saturday and buy extra drink tickets as needed.
My recommendation is to scope out what beers you want- particularly for the rare beers, if it says which day it is being tapped you may want to plan for that day. Keep in mind to have a little bit of water with you in order to cleanse your palate and not get dehydrated. If you go with friends who aren’t squeamish about sharing, you can taste even more by each person calling what they are going to go get and you mark it off the list! Disclosure: There may be at times sponsored posts where the ticket to an event or meal or sample product to review was complimentary, but I will always provide my honest opinion and assessment of all products and experiences I may be given. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. People came from all over the United States, Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, Philippines, Brazil, China, Japan and many other countries. A special Hawaiian crew with a sugar cane crusher arrived daily to prepare original and ginger-infused sugar cane juice for us each morning. My favorite was Mexican night, when the salad bar contained large local lettuces or mandolined zucchini slices as wraps, Malibar spinach, cucumber, celery, corn taco salad, guacamole and tomato salsa. Roy Rozman was our humorous master of ceremonies for the week, and he knew how to get everyone involved. I loved the way the children would gather around the food preparation table and excitedly want to try all the new treats being made.
On the second-to-last evening of the weeklong event, Lori, a lovely woman who had attended previous festivals, wanted to dance at the talent show despite her severe arthritis. As one of the final festival activities, this dance was a major highlight of all the camaraderie, love, spirituality and enlightenment that easily blossomed during the week of this “Happy People” Festival. His life quickly changed upon enjoying these meals in 2010, with Brian going vegan and then low-fat, fruit-based raw vegan to start off 2011. The information presented on this website does not constitute health, medical or any other kind of professional advice and is not intended to replace the advice of medical doctors or other health-care professionals with whom you consult.
We crowd source and deliver tips, reviews and recommendations about Goa to over 2 million people across our social media channels. This festival aims to preserve agricultural biodiversity and elements of the konkan food culture linked to these fruit varieties – soursop, mangosteen, karaunda and many others –before they are lost.
It is the countdown to the Portland Fruit Beer Festival– which kicks off this Saturday, June 6 11am-9pm until the end of Sunday, June 7 11am-6pm.
There is also another special list of 25 Rare Rotating Tap list of one-off or vintage kegs of just 5 gallons each, and some are listed with the tentative times they will be tapped so you can make your drinking plans now. You look over the list of beers for a festival and start noting which ones you want to try, which ones you really really want to try, and then when you attend the festival get in line for the beers in that order to make sure it doesn’t run out and you aren’t disappointed?
Well, I don’t know if king is the official title, but he does organize the whole thing.
It felt to me like a secret meeting as we stood around in the back of Burnside Brewing drinking out of plastic cups as the beers were poured from growlers. One of the most exciting beers at the preview and one to look out for is The Common’s Citrus Royale. And then, along with peach puree, there’s the surprise heat thanks to peach habanero syrup.
This collaboration is with 5 Stones, a small brewery in Texas that specializes in brewing with fresh produce and non-traditional ingredients.
Also, of the brewers that actually wore the brewery shirts to as to be easily identified, they have the nicest ones. Named after the beers low IBU value of 3.14, Pi Beer has a big strawberry aroma with a hint of tannic acidity from the rhubarb. The apples were slightly fermented per French Style cider and whirlpooled directly into the kettle. In fact, the Kramer name comes from the name of the mother whose backyard they relieved of those 40 pounds of pears. It is one of the rare taps to be opened on Saturday afternoon and made especially for the festival.

Burnside Brewing will be open and you can also get food via Pulehu Pizza with their grilled pizzas, as well as Bunk Sandwiches. I almost always arrive at the beginning and so can be gone in a few hours unless I’m waiting for rare beers to rotate in. I enjoy adventures in eating - dining out and cooking and imbibing for local Portland deliciousness or wherever travels lead. Lori danced with great enthusiasm with all the happiness and energy she received from everyone and the uplifting activities she experienced during the empowering week. Tickets are already on sale at $20 general admission Saturday or Sunday (the admission includes one 16oz glass you keep and 12 drink tickets). Thanks so much Ryan for helping me out with this, especially as I already had tickets to see a show that night and had to leave a little early. Each brewer talked a little about the beer and maybe the inspiration for it while inevitably shuffling their feet or other nervous tics which made for terrible pics so I eventually gave up. This beer is a variant of The Common’s Biere Royale released last year, but with a variety of citrus fruits rather than currants.
The base beer is light but bubbly and sweet like drinking a sparkling berlinerweisse so is super tasty. Laurelwood added 12 gallons of juice and over 6lbs of citrus zest from a myriad of fruits including oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. However, this beer deviates from the norm in that it was kettle soured for 24 hours and then aged on fresh Oregon boysenberries. Named after a line in the song “Amarillo by Morning,” the name is a nod to the location of 5 Stones and the usage of Amarillo hops.
The fruit aroma however falls short in the flavor of the beer letting the wheat character shine through. Inspired by Michael Jackson the beer writer who would sometimes use this descriptor, this cider called Hedgerow Fruits uses dessert apples then blended with black currants and black prunes. Perhaps I’ll see you at the festival (I plan to be there when the gates open Saturday). Her dance sparked excitement and support from the audience of 250 raw food campers, all jumping up to dance and be with Lori in her shining moment. While retaining the same base beer and “house” lacto culture acquired from Nancy’s Yogurt as last year, the sourness and fruit character are restrained in comparison; allowing for the base beer to shine through with pleasant citrus undertones. The fruit flavor is supported by a prominent wheat character derived from the same base beer used to make laurelwood’s hefeweizen, the only difference being the fruit addition and the use of wit yeast versus hefe yeast. The result is an easy drinking light Belgian ale with notes of blackberries and strawberries reminiscent of a Berliner weisse.
The base beer is a light ale made in the Aztec style then infused with Cocoa Nibs in the mash and at fermentation 100 pounds of raspberries were added.The Cocoa nibs definitely add an unusual additional flavor.
Up From San Antone is a combination of a classic NW White IPA and Belgian Wit, similar in style to Deschutes Chain breaker White IPA. Where Fort George succeeds is in Pi Beer’s drinkability making it a refreshing beer on a hot day. This beer fermented in stainless stell with those pears which were just quartered so skin and all for 5 months before being transferred to another stainless steel tank for conditioning where it was inoculated with a touch of gueuze.
Greens such as celery, cucumber and lettuces were always available to combine with the fruit if desired. The citrus character is derived from a blend of naval orange, meyer lemon, mercott mandarin juice added throughout fermentation creating a flavor profile reminiscent of a mimosa.
Apparently he discovered this fruit while on his honeymoon in Mexico, but he was able to source the fruit from Florida, but I don’t think he’ll be doing a lot more of these so get it while it lasts! Although this beer will debut at the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, John made enough that we may see it at his brewery sometime after. Widmer juiced and zested over 100 lbs of fresh grapefruit with coriander to impart a strong grapefruit character that comes across more bitter and pithy as opposed to juicy, both emphasizing the bitterness of the fruit and hops. For a fruit beer, this was completely unexpected and unique which is why I gave it bonus points for originality and creativity as well as the taste.

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